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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lost Plants

My dear friend Gianna gave me this amazing Edelweiss. Never in a million years did I think I could grow it in my garden here on Long Island. Amazingly, it grew well and bloomed for three years before dying. Now I know that I planted it in the wrong location. Hopefully I'll find it for sale around here this spring and get another chance.

What is it about perennial collectoritis? If a plant dies on us the first year, we seem to be determined to grow that thing and we buy it over and over again. Yet, if we buy a short lived perennial we enjoy it for 3 or 4 years and then that's it. Maybe you don't have this problem but it seems to be one that I have here.

This Lamium was stunning in a pot. Why oh why didn't I plant it in the garden? Other Lamiums do well here so it would have been smart of me to try to grow this one on. I think the name is 'Anne Greenway'.

Over the past 20 years of gardening I've had wonderful Campanulas, Heucheras, Monardas, Baptisias, and so many more plants that thrived for a few years and then died out. Now I want them all back!

(I'm having problems attaching photos and getting the layout I want this morning so my apologies on the rough layout. These photos are coming from some scanned slides and I think that's part of my problem)

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Xris said...

I've killed so many plants over the years. It's the only way to learn what "right plant, right place" really means.

The good thing abut killing things off is that it leaves room to try something new.

And my desire for collecting grows to fill any available space.