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Monday, February 05, 2007

Winter blahs

Blah! I have the winter blahs.

We were spoiled this year, right up until mid January temperatures were remarkably mild. Oh to have one of those delightful days back. Calie and I took every opportunity to go hiking in West Hills Park or even just joint around our own neighborhood here.

The garden is so frozen now that it hurts to walk on the lawn. Crunch, crunch, it makes me cringe as I hear those tender little stalks of grass just snap into pieces.

Some soft snow sure would be a nice fluffy addition to the scenery out there. This time of year I always vow to add more evergreen shrubs but with the 7 degrees we had this morning even the Rhododendrons looked awful.

This photo is a shot of my Pieris japonica 'Silver Sword'. Probably the only thing in the garden worth photographing right now. Guess I'm off to the library to look at some gardening books and to dream.


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