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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rockin Robin

Rockin Robin

Nothing stirs the heart like the sound of spring bird songs in the garden. This week I saw my first flock of robins checking out the trees and shrubs for some yummy tidbits. They were a bit early, there was still ice over most of the ground but I was so happy to see them here!

The photo above is of a baby robin that we found in the garden two springs ago. His nest had fallen out of a tall Cedar and the other babies did not survive the fall. This little fellow though looked just fine and what a set of pipes he had. He'd call for his mother ever chance he had!

Emily named him Einstein, she said that his hair-do reminded her of Einsteins hair. For days we'd go out and watch him, taking photos when we could.

A few weeks went by when we noticed this huge baby robin following it's mother around, still squawking like crazy. We were sure it was Einstein! Maybe he's one of the big male robins that are out there right now.

Tweet Tweet!

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Blackswamp_Girl said...

What a cute picture! I love the robins, they crack me up. I had two that would visit me last spring while I was creating a few beds. As long as I was kneeling or sitting (never if I was standing up) they would come within 6 feet of me and chirp until I tossed them a grub or a worm from the dirt in front of me.

How did this start? I had tossed grubs onto the cement driveway whenever I dug them up, so they would die or get eaten by the birds... and then they got a little used to it. lol. NONE of mine had a hairdo quite as cute as your Einstein's, though! :)