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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Foliage fun

So, what do you do if you have lots of foliage but it just doesn't have any pizzazz? Add some whimsy and you will suddenly have a spot that will put a smile on your face, even on gray, lousy weather days.

I came across this woman "swimming" in a garden while on tour in Michigan. If I ever see this for sale I just have to get one for my own garden!

Bowling balls were everywhere in a garden I had toured in North Carolina. Luckily for me they were easy enough to find and I too have added bowling balls in my own garden. They sell for about $5 at garage sales around here. Just stay away from the plain black ones and look for some patterned or glittered balls.

The foliage in this shot isn't the prettiest but you can see one of my pink bowling balls. It's been in my garden for almost 4 years now, longer than any gazing ball has ever lasted.

Scratching your head about what you want to add to your garden? Surely you can find something whimsical :-)


Mad Man Bamboo said...

I like the garden art. Especially the monkey. I'm in the process of finsihing up my backyard garden with heavy emphasis on bamboo and would love to have garden art like this among the bush. Thanks for sharing.


Melanie Vassallo said...

Sean, Bamboo is so wonderful, I think coming across a piece of garden art in the bush would be just fantastic.