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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sweet Surprise for Breakfast

Yesterday morning it looked so warm outside that I thought I'd take my breakfast out and tour the garden. Look at the surprise I found.

This morning I went down the driveway to get the empty garbage cans when I spotted my first Galianthus (snow drop) in bloom. Do you think the cars whizzing by on the way to work were wondering what I was doing there on my knees with my camera?

I didn't have the heart to remove the leaf pierced by the snow drop. How amazing is it that it wasn't just pushed aside by the emerging growth?

The sun will hit these Crocus buds in another hour or two and open them up but I will be off running many errands today. For now, it's time for kashi & bran with blackberries, bananas and strawberries.

Yum :-)


Gail said...

That strawberry looked so would have been nice on my peanut butter toast.

There are so many small bulbs that I forget about...snow drops would be a good addition to the garden.


Dave said...

I looked at the pictures before I read anything and thought you already had strawberries growing! That would have been a nice surprise, but the flowers are great too.

redrahde said...

Hey, look, I'm not anonymous anymore! Did you happen to find a manufacturer's name on the beehive bird house? I love this blog, check it every day! It's the next best thing to taking one of your classes. Sure you wouldn't like to move to Texas? You would have a lot longer growing season.

GardenJoy4Me said...

melanie ... girl you are still getting my goat by the way ? LOL
Out and about with your wonderful ceral and berries .. that is my first gripe .. second gripe .. NO snow to trudge through !
Third gripe .. we have a winter storm warning for this afternoon and tomorrow !!!!!!!!!
JEEZ !!!!!
Joy still "of the frozen north"

Meems said...

Melanie: You are always good for a surprise. I'm wondering if your strawberries might have come from Florida- Plant City maybe?? Just curious- it is one of our #1 crops and they are so beautiful right now.

Glad you got a spotted your snow drop and crocus and next to that strawberry lets us know just how "big" it is... Always good to have signs of growth no matter the size!

have a great day.
meems@ Hoe&Shovel

Frances, said...

Wonderful treat for breakfast! I love when the bulbs come up through the leaves, how does it happen, why doesn't the leaf move, like you say? I like that you leave the leaves, it's more natural to have a few around, they always blow in after we have chopped ours up for the compost and as a top dressing for the beds. So let them be!

Frances at Faire Garden

Marie said...

I love snow drops! I have snow drops in my garden too these days. I guess the strawberry isn't growing in your garden this time of year?

Have a nice day

Anna--Flowergardengirl said...

Hey--that looks yummy. I've been busy trying to update between blog and blotanical. If I don't go back to work soon==I'm going to be a nut case.

I am enjoying coming by here and visiting my other buds sites. I'm getting so inspired. Can you hear me jumping up and down eager to start my new gardens and plant up a storm!

Cabs said...

Lovely surprise! I await the day I find the same in my yard. That strawberry there is really something for the record books though! LOL!!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I thought you were posting on your first strawberry. I was gettin ready to call you a liar. But no, it was just a scale thing. What a great breakfast and pretty little flower.

Melanie said...

Silly me, when I posed the strawberry with the flowers it never occurred to me that it looked like the strawberry was found in the garden!

I just thought it was cool at how tiny those flowers really are compared to a single strawberry and yet, they had me so excited. People driving by had no idea there was actually something to look at :-)

joey said...

A delightful spring surprise made a great post. You're so lucky. My piece of earth is under 8 inches of snow with more on the way.

You're a great hostess ... I thoroughly enjoyed my first time visit and shall return for another view of your lovely gardens and photography.

Carol said...

Hi Melanie, Your spring flowers are beautiful, so tiny, yet so resillient. And, I have those same dishes...

Carol, May Dreams Gardens