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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

'Primal Scream'

Sometimes you find a plant with a name that you just must have. The first time this happened to me it was a daylily named 'Scatterbrain'. I figured it was named for me. The day I saw Hosta 'Tea and Crumpets', it too just had to be added to my garden.

Other times there were plants that I found appealing but I refused to purchase because the name was distasteful. Names such as 'Booger' or 'Devil's Footprint' are just not ones I care to have people read as they tour my garden.

Last month I read a blog with lots of comments on the new Hydrangea name 'Pinky Winky'. Well, that might not be a name I'd choose for a plant but I did choose to get a 'Pinky Winky' and it's waiting in a pot for me to decide where to plant it.

Today I have more things to do than there are hours to do them in. While I'd like to spend the morning blogging, visit other great sites and answer comments, I just can't afford the time. As for the afternoon, there won't be any strolling around the garden until this Saturday when life hopefully slows down a bit.

So, my one single photo for the day is that of a daylily that I highly recommend you seek out and grow. Not only does the name convey my feelings this morning, but the color is just amazing in the garden. In case you didn't guess from the title of this post, this is Hemerocallis 'Primal Scream'

Please forgive me if I don't stop by and visit you in the next day or two. I'll post something quick each day but for now, AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Phew, now I feel better :-)


Frances, said...

Great name for a lovely daylily. Don't worry about keeping up with the everchanging posts in blogdom. It is getting to be quite the time user to check out all the latest and greatest efforts of so many talented bloggers out there. But they will wait for you in internet time suspension. Remain calmmmmmmmm.

kjohnson said...

Melanie, we all have days (weeks, months) like this. Deep breaths and a few stops along the way to smell the air will get you through.

BTW where do you get your daylilies. Primal Scream is beautiful.


chey said...

Great photo...look at all those blooms! I love the brilliant color of Primal Scream! I have it in own my garden.
I agree about plant names as well. They do seem to have a subtle influence on the appeal of the plant for me. Cheers!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Very striking color! This would make a beautifully bright statement.

GardenJoy4Me said...

melanie .. Pinky Winky has been on my list since last year .. we have a heck of a time getting a good selection of plants here in Kingston .. that is why I want to have a "Primal Scream" TOO ! haha
I have my spot SO ready for Pinky Winky .. now all I have to do is find it when the season starts here ! Jeez !
PS .. I thought I heard you screaming this morning ! LOL

Dave said...

Very nice daylily! Plant names are funny things aren't they? You look in the catalogs and one name in one might be different in another but is actually the same plant. The names sometime seem arbitrary. Makes you want to scream right? ;)

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

The first plant I ever bought based solely on its name was cimicifuga "black negligee". This year among my lettuces is "oreilles du diable" or devil's ears. Ours is a very eclectic garden.

Gail said...


Love the day lily...and what a great has a bit of a spider appearance in the petals...

stop by when you have the time, you're always welcome...I will put the tea pot on.


Melanie said...

Hi Everybody, thanks for all the great advice :-)

A few deep breaths does help quite a bit. Just a minute or two in the garden can do wonders. Yesterday when I came home from one of my millions of errands I made myself drive down the driveway at a snails pace with my head stuck out the window. I took one whole minute to check out what was growing. When I saw my 5 tulips in bloom I was so happy!

This morning we packed our younger daughter Emily off on her first big away trip with the school. She's in Washington DC until Sunday and I let her take my camera so there won't be any new photos here for a few days. Hope the tulips hold up till Monday :-)

Kjohnson, I'd be glad to share a piece of 'Primal Scream' with you, I'll be digging out a piece for the daylily club in May. I've bought my daylilies all over the USA. Right now there are several private gardens on Long Island that sell from their collection. I'll dig at least 30 varieties for the plant sale we're holding at Walt Whitman High School on May 10th. I only dig top notch plants that perform well in my garden.

Off to work on the fashion show (tomorrow night finally) and munchies again. Our PTA should be happy, I hope we will earn quite a bit of scholarship money this year.

Lin in zone 9a said...

Here's a few with the name of something we all are, at least occasionally, in need of:

Pictures of Daylily
'Serenity Morgan' (Hemerocallis)


"Serenity Bay"

Hope your busy week goes well!

Jacqueline said...


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