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Thursday, May 08, 2008

In the middle of the night

I learned several important things tonight.

First of all, I learned that if you try to take photos of Hosta at 10:00 p.m. in the dark with only a flood light shining, every moth in the neighborhood will dive bomb your head.

Secondly, I learned that when you least expect it, an angel will step forward and deliver big fat juicy clumps of Hosta at the last minute. These luscious clumps just arrived and will spend the night in our breezeway.

We are under severe flood warnings for tomorrow. 2 to 3 inches of rain plus more in many areas are expected along with strong winds. There's even a special warning to expect basement flooding. I just finished moving as many pots as possible under some kind of shelter. Tomorrow is the last day for me to prep everything for our big plant sale on Saturday. I have my husbands white water rafting outfit (slicker and matching pants) waiting for me to wear. Still, for the first time ever I might be potting in the garage.

The last lesson I learned tonight was a tough one. I had to run to the school to speak to the band parents about the sale and give some instructions. I was running late and ended up not cleaning my nails nor even remembering to change out of my muck shoes. The meeting was half over when I got there.

I talked about the plant sale. A parent asked if it was ok if her son worked the afternoon shift instead of the morning shift. I didn't understand what difference it would make and then realized she was concerned if her child worked in the afternoon and we sold out by 11:30 that he would not get credited at all. I assured her that no matter what time we sell out, children that arrive for the afternoon shift would get full credit just as the morning shift students.

My phone just rang, quite late for here. It was a friend who was at the meeting and she told me that the whole time I was speaking there were several parents snickering and saying "she actually thinks she's going to sell out...she'll be lucky to sell half that stuff".

I'm heartsick...

but I'm also a gardener and I'm one of the most optimistic people I know. My mind is still whirling trying to come up with other plants I could dig at the last minute. My mantra is, "it's for the kids".

It can be dark in the middle of the night.


ChrisND said...

If only more people had gardener's hearts. Hope you weather the rain just fine.

Northern Shade said...

Good luck with the plant sale. You've worked very hard for it. Ignore the negative people.

Esther Montgomery said...

Lots of thoughts.

People may snicker - but that won't stop them buying your plants.

Gardeners always have dirt under their finger nails - and cracked hands - and weather beaten faces. Well, almost always - ever since I have seen your photo around the place - I have been struck by your elegance.

How lovely that one of the children was so keen. I don't know what credits he will get - but I bet he thinks being a real plant seller for an afternoon will be fun.

I hope you don't get too flooded - but you sound calmer than I would be - this may simply be on paper / screen - but you are going ahead with your sale.

And even if you feel grotty in the daytime as well as in the middle of the night - and even though many of us are at a distance (like thousands of miles away) - so we can't do anything much to be encouraging - well, thoughts are with you.

And gardeners are allowed to be eccentric - it goes with the territory - don't know why - (it just does) - so you can be as late as you like (as long as you turn up in the end) and anyone who says otherwise is just plain boring.


Anonymous said...

I hope your plant sale goes well - it is for a great cause. If I didn't live all the way over in the UK I would pop along and buy loads of day lilies - (even if it was raining).
Wishing you a really successful day

GardenJoy4Me said...

melanie .. This may sound corny .. I heard it years ago ... "People who snicker only flicker in life. You shine !"
They have no idea how insane gardeners are (especially when paired with a "cause") .. the plants will sell and run out, no doubt about it .. so you are going to be fine !
The only thing that I screamed about here, while reading .. was the moth issue .. I would have literally run screaming down the drive way .. for being a gardener I have no stamina aginst the dreaded moth and friends .. ugh !!!!
Hang in there girl .. all will be well worth while !

Helen said...

It sounds to me that the parents arent very supportive as you said in a previous post. I would rise above it and have a great day and then next year find another cause to support.

I hope the floods arent too bad and dont affect your sale too much - keeping my fingers crossed for you

Melanie said...

Chrisnd, the weather so far has been ok, at 6:30 this morning we had a break in the rain and I was able to pot up all the hosta that arrived last night.

Northern shade, I'm pretty good at ignoring, I will do so!

Esther, all your thoughts are wonderful. In fact, I think it's all these amazingly positive thoughts being sent my way that caused that break in the rain this morning. The whole eastern seaboard of the USA is under massive storms and there was a little clear bubble over this part of Long Island.

I just came in to check the radar and there's another clearing on the way in 15 minutes so I'm going to eat some warm oatmeal and get back out there.

As for calm, it's the calm before the storm :-)

Karen, thank you so much. First thing this morning when I checked my blogger account I saw all these messages and I was totally recharged and ready to dig again.

Joy, that's a great phrase, not corny at all. I've never heard it but you bet I'll be thinking it all day tomorrow (and I'll try not to snicker myself when thinking of it). My daughter feels the same way about moths and freaks out when they get in the house. I don't like them but I'll take them over stepping on a slug while barefoot any day.

Helen, you are right. Next year my family will hold the sale on our own and then I will decide on who to give money to. There are many good causes at our school and many individual children who could use a hand in paying for a sport or music program.

Mary Beth said...

Don't you just love those negative people! Good luck with your sale and let us know how it goes! (We may just copy your fundraising idea)

Nichole said...

People are so stupid! They're probably just feeling less than adequate because they haven't done anything to help the kids and your failure will help to make them feel better. They will be proven wrong, even if I have to buy all of your plants!! See you tomorrow

Jackie said...

Hi Melanie!

I cna't wait to go to your sale! As Ive said before Ive told all of my garden pals about it and most of them are coming to clean you out! haha! Im sure you already know this but I just want to applaud you for being so generous and hard working! Unfortunately, I guess there are always a few bad apples that try to spoil the fun but ignore them and hang in there and know that you are terrific! I'm looking forward to next week! :) Jackie

Kim said...


Good luck tomorrow!
May the snickerers all have flooded basements!


Anonymous said...

Grrrrrr!!!! Of course you'll sell out. Ignore those petty creeps (what's wrong with them, anyway?!). It's pouring down here, and I'm slowly working up to fleeing the house for the annual plant sale at the Rodale Institute. Believe me, if even I can drag myself out in this weather, you'll get a ton of traffic for your wonderful sale!

Dave said...

Good luck on the sale Melanie! Don't worry about snickering parents, they are usually in the minority.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, envious of your garden. Wish I lived close enough to come to your plant sale. Signed: dirty fingered crazy gardener in NJ.

Karen said...

Why are people so mean! :(

Not to worry though I am sure your sale will be a BIG success!!

Melanie said...

Just a quick note. I came in to warm up, put on a dry set of clothing and yes, it's time for the white water rafting slicker top & bottom.

All of your wonderful comments have me floored and I'm already toasty warm! Now I'm going to dig some special things like a pot or two of daylily "Primal Scream" and some other surprises that will be on the Daylily collector table.

Carol said...

Good luck with your plant sale. Ignore those "snickerers"! What are they doing to help the kid? You have a gardeners' heart and many gardeners will gladly buy the plants.

Lin said...

As far as those snickering I always tell my kids....Take the high's always less crowded!

Wishing you sunny skies and a complete sell out for your plant sale!

Cinj said...

You're probably outside transplanting right now. I'm sure you'll sell out of plants in no time tomorrow. I wish I could come over and stock up, I still want to many more plants! Your sale is inside, you'll have all kinds of people swarming around your sale.

Those people who were snickering will be red faced when they find out that you were right!

cindee said...

Im sorry about the negativity with the parents. I can understand your feelings. My mom always said that people that talked like that were jealous. You are doing so much and are so good at what you do. I know the plant sale will be a total success!!!! I hope you sell out in the first hour(-: Have a great day and take a bow for all your hard work you deserve it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal customer for YEARS! Obviously the band parents aren't gardeners and don't know you will surely sell out rain or shine. I'll be there!

garden girl said...

I'm so glad you proved the doubters and cynics wrong Melanie. I'm sorry they rained on your parade.

Congratulations again. I'm glad the sale was such a success.