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Friday, May 02, 2008

My package arrived!

My package arrived! I was so excited I met the UPS man half way down the driveway.

It's been many years since I've ordered perennials (other than daylilies) by mail. We've had a wealth of nurseries here on Long Island and I rarely had to go far to find what I wanted. In the past few years though a number of those locations have closed down. Also, I have been lusting over a particular perennial for a few years and just could not locate it.

My shipment came from Digging Dog Nursery in California. I had chosen the ship date so I knew exactly when these plants would come. Inside the box was a nice letter telling me what to do when my plants arrived. I actually stopped and took the time to read the letter.

Time to pull back the stuffing and here they are, the stars of my order, Lysimachia ephemerum. I have only seen photos of this plant and read a number of accounts that it is a "clumper" not a "runner" like other Lysimachias. Only time will tell. If you want to see why it excited me so much you'll have to go to google images and type in Lysimachia ephemerum. I wanted this plant so badly that I ordered two of them and they looked just beautiful already, big fat, healthy plants.

The rest of the plants were more "fillers" for me. They are:
Campanula latiloba 'Alba
Centaurea Macrocephala
Uvularia grandiflora
Verbascum chaixii 'Wedding Candles'
Verbena hastata
Lychnis viscaria 'Schnee'
Salvia Sclarea 'Vatican White'

Other than the Lychnis, these plants were smaller than I was expecting but I'm really not familiar with them so it just might be what they look like in pots.

Upon unpacking them I gave them a good soaking as per the instructions. Then, since it was already early evening, I put them in a large pot for protection and brought them into my breezeway. Today I will plant a the larger ones directly into the garden. The smaller plants will go in pots with potting soil and given a little TLC. They just might need some fresh air and sunshine for a week or two.

In a little while I will go unpack my car which is loaded to the roof with the plants and containers from last night's class. As soon as I get things put back together I will take photos and show all of you some of the container arrangements I decided to do.

Today should be chock full of gardening as Kim and I have plans to also go to our favorite nursery for a little shopping spree. So much to do and see!

Till later,



Anonymous said...

Wow, Melanie! What a haul! And the plants look great, too. Digging Dog earns a "yes!!!" from me! And there's nothing as exciting as a much-anticipated box, is there?! Now you're tempting me to order a few more plants just for the thrill...

Anonymous said...

Oh, how exciting! There are not many feelings that can compare to seeing that box sitting by the doorstep ready to be opened is there?

Cinj said...

I know the feeling when plants you get are a bit smaller than anticipated, but it's SO exciting to get some new babies to care for. I got a couple of packages... was it last week? I took the day off the next day so I could take care of them. I can't wait until they're big enough for me to take pictures of. I have pictures of the gardens with one small leaf sprig showing, but hardly worth showing off on my blog.

Helen said...

How exciting - I love getting packages especially with plants. I grew some Centaurea Macrocephala from seed last year and they were about the size of the plants you have when I planted them out last summer. They didnt do much - no flower but this spring they are much bigger and really sprinting away. So be patient.

GardenJoy4Me said...

melanie ! I searched thatplant and it does look NICE !
I am waiting for my climbing roses from a nursery in P.E.I. .. Vesey seeds .. they do plants too. It is so fun to get something like that .. almost like Xmas ? LOL
Good Luck !

Gail said...

It is exciting to get the package then open it...My first day lilies were bareroot and it was a joy when they bloomed a month later. Gotta love daylilies1 I ordered a clematis this spring and when I opened the box it was 3 foot tall with 10 different vines. Wow!

Do you know where these guys and gals are going to be planted?