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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Acanthus spinosa

Acanthus spinosa, also known as Bear's Breeches is another perennial in my garden that I know very little about. This beauty was planted out front in a fairly shady spot about 5 years ago. I'm not sure it has bloomed every year.

Doing a google search on it this morning I see that it likes full sun to part shade. Also, the photos I found on line were stunning, big massive clumps of blooms. It requires little care, at least I haven't done anything special here. Average amounts of water so it seems happy with what the surrounding perennials are getting. Also, I haven't seen any signs of pests on this plant.

In this photo I stepped back so you can see the Acanthus as it's set in the garden. I'd say this is one of my less inspired combinations. Obviously this plant can really shine if it's in the right location, I think I need to try it in more sun but I'm not sure about moving it.

Do any of you grow Bear's breeches? I'd love any tips on growing this beauty.

For those of you who read here regularly, I guess you can tell that I'm winding down. Getting ready for my trip has become a full time job and this week will be just packed with last minute activities. I will only have time for a few more posts before we leave and there won't be anything posted again until late July.

Hope you are all still here when I get back!



Gail said...


Have a fabulous time and come back with good stories and photos....


Jean said...

I used to grow this a few years ago in my previous garden, was a spectacular plant, and flowered every year, but dont ever try to remove it, it is very stubborn about holding on to its place! I grew it in full sun and rather dry situation, here in New Zealand, I understand we are about zone 9 here.
Have a great trip! Look forward to seeing your posts when you get back. It is the first thing I do when I turn on the computer, so will miss you.

Lola said...

Of course we'll be here. And I agree with Gail.
Have a great time.

Hoot Owl Hollow Nursery said...

When I first got an Acanthus, I put it in the shade. That was back before the internet and I seemed to remember reading somewhere that was what it would like. I have since put some in part shade and full sun. The full sun plant is shorter, more stocky and has many more blooms. The shade one is taller, blooms less frequently, but makes me babies all over the place. All seem perfectly happy.
Have a good trip. I haven't been to Germany since 1978 but remember it fondly.

easygardener said...

Mine is in dry ground facing south, in full sun and does very well, flowering every year. The clump is slowly increasing in size and it also seeds itself.

garden girl said...

Melanie, I hope you have a wonderful trip!

tina said...

One of my garden club friends grows it. Hers is in full sun and I don't think it has bloomed so you are definitely doing something right!