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Monday, June 09, 2008

Flowers for Gail

This post is for all of you but most especially for Gail. Gail is a fellow blogger who lives in Nashville Tennessee and always finds the time to leave nice comments here.

Gail's blog is Clay and Limestone and one of these days I'm going to get to Nashville and we are going to go for a nice long walk. The name of Gail's blog says it all, she has some pretty tough soil conditions to work with.

Yesterday I had a photo of a watering can that was filled with volunteer seedlings. Gail had inquired about them and I answered that one was Silene armeria (catchfly).

You can see in the top photo that it can handle just about anything, seeding itself into a crack in my south facing brick patio.

Silene armeria was given to me many years ago (at least 20 years) by a co-worker when I actually had a "day job". Carmen gave me a little slip in a 4 inch pot. Who would have thought that I'd have waves and waves of this happy plant all over my garden today.

While Silene armeria combines wonderfully with many plants, this Iris isn't the best combo but I wanted to show you something that would give you a size comparison. It's hard to plan combinations with this plant as it's an annual and you never know exactly where it's going to seed.

There have been times that I've weeded my Silene aremeria to the point that I thought I had lost it. Now I just leave it be as it never seeds into the lawn or becomes a pest.

One thing I often forget is that Silene armeria makes a good cut flower. Yesterday I made up several small arrangements to put in my house since it was just too hot to stay in the garden.

Today I'd like to stop at Michaels Craft store to pick up a few more cheap bud vases so I can have little nosegays in every room. If I manage to get this done I'll try to remember to take photos.

Stay cool, it's going to be another sweltering day here on Long Island. At least I now have a fan blowing on my while I type which makes a world of difference.


zvrk said...

I took notice of that flower's name. I do like self seeders!

frostylady said...

Love your blog. I read it every day I can. It always cheers me up, and I've been learning lots.

Two years ago I moved from NYC area to Western Maine -- zone 6 to zone 4 -- quite a transition!

My lupines are just hitting their stride but foxgloves are far from popping. I should have put in more spring things I realize, since spring really does last until the solstice.

Gail said...


Imagine my surprise and delight to see my name up there in your post I lucky or what? I get to blog, I get to garden and I get to hang out with you and other wonderful and generous bloggers. I am so touched, really. I am putting this darling on my list of MUST Haves, it is a beautiful know me I love pinks, magentas...put me in a My Little Pony outfit (just kidding). and while I have your ear...I have a few daylilies that I need help identifying!

Warmest thoughts and hugs,

Gail said...

ps. It would be fun to get together.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That's my kind of annual - super bright magenta! Is it fragrant?


We're getting rain up in New Hampshire now, but we are expecting another 95+ degree swelter tomorrow too. Stay cool!

Lets Plant said...

Your pictures are great.

cindee said...

Oh that is a very pretty plant. I wonder if it would grow here in CA. I guess I will have to do a little research on it. I will stop by and check out Gails page too!!

garden girl said...

Lovely flower, and obviously a tough plant!

I hope your weather cools down soon Melanie. Anything above 90 degrees, and I wilt, then melt. I feel your pain. It's not even summer yet. Phooey!