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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Germany - The Flower Market

On our recent trip to Germany, we spent a delightful morning at the outdoor market in the city Mainz (along the Rhine river). Mom and I could have stayed there twice as long and still not have seen ( & tasted) enough.

Before we had visited this town I had been photographing the various flower stands we saw in different places. All of those photos paled in comparison with what we saw in Mainz. The wealth of bloom stalks and pre-made arrangements were just astounding.

I've never seen this thistle-like plant growing here but I know I would like to have it in my garden!

I have grown Nigella (love in a mist) and Dill but never thought of gathering them like this to be used in an arrangement.

Here's a sample of some arrangements. The women at these stands all were smiling and laughing and the whole time their hands were busy fashioning new bunches of blooms.

How about these beauties! I kept wondering if they were home grown or bought wholesale and then sold here.

Hot colors seemed to be the most popular. Each stand had a different flavor/style of arrangements.

Sunflowers were everywhere. This is one plant we see for sale everywhere here in New York too. You can't drive very far east on Long Island before seeing farm stand after farm stand chock full of sunflowers.

I've never been at an outside market in America although I know many places have them. A few weeks ago somebody told me that there's an outside market in our own town of Huntington. I've never, ever heard of it before so I would be very interested in finding out if that is true.

Do they have outdoor markets where you live?


Beth said...

Yes! We have farmers markets where they sell mostly glads. Sometimes you'll find farmers/gardeners selling some of their daylilies or hostas that they've just split!
P.S. What a great tip about the foxglove and its seeds. I'm going to do that ...

steele said...

Here in Corvallis, Oregon, we have one of the best Farmers Markets around. In addition to all the wonderful fruits and vegetables, you can buy enormous, beautiful bouquets for only $5-$8. We're spoiled here!

chey said...

What a beautiful market! The colors are fantastic! We have farmers markets here in Nova Scotia, but mainly for produce rather than for flowers.

Sparkles said...

You certainly take great pictures of your flowers.We have a Farmer's market every Tuesday afternoon and they well organice herbs. Check out my California Gardening blog when you have time!