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Monday, September 15, 2008

No time for gardening :-(

Just a quick update here. No time for gardening during the past week or this coming week either. It's marching band season and around here that means that just about every other project comes to a full halt.

My oldest daughter went through marching band for four years and now my younger one (Emily) is in her second year of the color guard. In order to save our school district $$$ we make our own flags. Purchased flags run $29.95 to $40 per piece, home sewn flags cost about $5 per piece. A mid sized marching band (we have 87 students) needs 80 - 100 flags.

This photo shows some of the flags I made last year, in total I sewed over 50 flags on my dining room table. So far this season we've finished 30 flags, with 45 to go. We're going the team route with me teaching lots of other mom's how to make flags. So you can see why there's no gardening around here right now!

Tomorrow I'm taking a day off to visit Stonecrop, a botanical garden known for it's Sedum collection so I'm sure I"ll have lots of photos to share when we are all stuck inside this winter.

Be back soon,



Frances said...

Hi Melanie, always the hard worker for the betterment of the community. My cap is off to you. The flags look great and the garden will wait for your return. Take lots of pix of the sedums, though, we want to see them too! ;->

Frances at Fairegarden
(new wordpress address )

Dave said...

Marching band can definitely get expensive. It's good you all make your own flags that definitely cuts down on the expenses!

garden girl said...

Enjoy this busy time Melanie!

Cinj said...

Geez, you're a busy gal. I haven't had a whole lot of time for gardening either, but for different reasons. Sounds like you've got your hands full!

Gail said...

Melanie, Hi..well,we will be here as soon as you are gardening again! Wow, that's a lot of flags! But, you know you are growing your daughters!


Brenda Jean said...

What COOOL colors! I understand the busy times during school stuff. When my boys were in track last spring it was crazy. My daughter isn't old enough for sports or band, but I'm sure she will be:)

cindee said...

Holey Moley I guess you are busy. Both my kids did Marching Band. It was a very busy time but I loved watching them perform. I miss those days. Have fun sewing!!!!