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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hidden gems

Today's plant combination is one that didn't catch my eye during the growing season. Maybe my eyes are so starved at this barren time of year that they see things differently.

This photo shows a corner of the garden where I have quite a few plants of Alchemilla mollis (Ladies mantle) alternating with Nepeta mussinii (Cat mint). In this last spot though I also stuck in a little piece of Sedem 'Purple Emperor'. I really like the combination of the fleshy Sedum leaf against the soft fuzziness of the Alchemilla leaf. I think this combination would pop even more with a darker purple Sedum such as 'Postman's Pride'.

Right now I'm so incredibly thankful that I shot so many photos of my gardens and plant material last year.

Off to look outside to see if anything is thinking of coming up soon :-)


Tatyana said...

Wow, those stones also look purple! Is it there natural color?
I like this combination!

Heather said...

You are right, beautiful combo. I really like the sedum too. It is so nice to see green pictures this time of year. I am sick of snow and all the pics that go with it.

Jan said...

That is a lovely combination. I have always wanted to grow Lady's mantle, but it is too hot here in the South for it to survive. I just love its color green.

Always Growing

Gail said...

They are good together...and both look good as edgers, gail

Sylvia (England) said...

Melanie, this is a lovely combination. Definitely one to keep in mind, I would be happy to have something like this, it may not catch the eye but that is a good thing. It is really easy to see all the bad bits, I have too many bad edges to beds. I also like the stone edge - I would really like that in my garden.

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

Melanie said...

Tatyana, those stones are mostly gray with different shades running through them. I agree that they look purple, especially against the Sedum. Maybe it's the silver in them that reflects the color of the nearby foliage?

Heather, we're done with the snow here but it's still blah out there. I'm about climbing the walls here.

Jan, I never thought about Ladies Mantle as a plant that wouldn't grow in hot conditions. I guess that's why so many gardening books list it as a shade plant while here in my garden on Long Island I can grow it in full sun.

Hi Gail, have you been out doing some fun walks lately?

Sylvia, these plants should all do well in your English climate. I truly love the combination of Alchemilla and Nepeta but this Sedum is pretty catchy too.

garden girl said...

They make a very pretty combination Melanie.

Last fall I finally got some lady's mantle. I've always had them in past gardens and have missed them here.

Creative Country Mom said...

I have catchfly seed for the first time this year. I hope mine takes off good. I am enjoying your lovelu posts and cannot wait till spring and our gardens bloom again.