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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Behind bars

Phooey. It's raining outside and this picture of my labradoodle Calie shows just how I feel.

Yesterday's weather was glorious but I had no time to get out in the garden. Today I don't have the time to get out there either but I can't even dream about it with this weather. Of course I know the garden appreciates the rain so I'm only grumbling a little bit.

As a teaser though, I'll leave you with this photo:I took this picture last summer in Germany but I chose it here today as a tropical image. Tomorrow morning long before the crack of dawn I'll be on the way to the airport to catch a plane to sunny Florida.

My mom and I will have almost four glorious days together, we plan on lots of walks and visits to various nature preserves. I promise to bring my camera and come back with oodles of photos.

Maybe when I wake up here next Tuesday morning it will feel like spring outside :-)

Think green,


Gail said...

Melanie, Have fun...a break is a good thing! gail

Laura said...

Poor Calie looks so sad!!!

Have a great time in Florida- we'll be looking for some great pictures when you get back

Hà Xuân said...

Yes please, Melanie, have fun and share your photos when you come back. I lilked it so much when I saw the photos you took in Germany in your last vacation.

MNGarden said...

Have a great trip and enjoy the sunshine.

our friend Ben said...

Poor Calie!!! That's too adorable! It rained here today, too, but I was really grateful for the rain so I tried to ignore how dark it waszzzz... Have a great time in Florida!!!

Laur said...


Sharon said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog. I live in rainy Oregon and it seems a lot of your plants grow here too. What zone are you in? Hope Florida was beautiful.