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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Florida photos

Well here I sit, back home again after a whirl wind trip to Florida and back. My flight last night was quite delayed and today was spent playing "catch up" with tons of paperwork.

Still, I couldn't curl up and rest without sharing just a few of the images I shot in Florida.

These three photos were taken at Green Cay Wetlands and Nature Center in Boynton Beach Florida. My mom and I never did make it to any public (or private) gardens and I didn't miss them one bit.

There are plenty of gardens to see but for me, the fascination of wildlife at these wetlands and nature centers...well, they just continue to draw me back for another look.

As soon as I have a few quiet moments I'll try to write down some of my impressions of these incredible places. For now, I leave you with these photos. I wish I could have recorded the sounds too as the air was just filled with bird calls and alligator roars as we walked along the boardwalks.



Anonymous said...

Great Florida pictures, it really is quite a crazy place in terms of wildlife and vegetation. I look forward to hearing more of how the environment rubbed off on you.
Glad you escaped the "gators" it looks like they were all around you!
Snappingly yours.

Hà Xuân said...

That's Florida? Wow, it looks pretty much like Vietnam! I have never been to the places in your photos but they look very familiar as Vietnam does have wetland like that.
Thanks for sharing, Melanie.