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Thursday, May 07, 2009


It's funny, I grow very few bulbs in my garden. So what is it about Camassia that makes me think of it as a perennial instead of a bulb? Maybe it's because a gardening friend dug a hunk out of the ground and I came home and planted it without realizing there were bulbs in that lump of soil?

All I know is that when the Camassia starts to bloom I get very excited! Today the first flower opened. I didn't take a photo (couldn't really as the weather has been horrendous for over a week now) but these are photos taken in the last year or two.

Not one single photo does this lovely plant any justice.

The digital cameras don't seem to capture the color blue correctly, I always had the same problem when I used to shoot slides or film.

One thing I can tell you about this plant is that it is extremely easy to grow. If you do get your hands on some, I promise that visitors will stop in their tracks and ask you what it is and could you possibly share a piece.

My Camassia seems to have stayed at the same size for the last year or two so I think it's time for me to divide it up and place it in a few different spots. The friend who shared a piece with me dug it just as it finished blooming. The foliage dies back quickly after it blooms so you really do need to move fast or you'll forget exactly where it is.

One last note, another name for this plant is Quamash. It was a food staple for the American Indians. It must have tasted delicious because who would have the heart to dig this lovely plant out it if tasted foul?

Tomorrow we begin our big Mother's Day weekend plant sale, if you are in the vicinity, stop by after 1:00 pm and say "Hi"!

Have a lovely weekend, I don't know if I'll be back to blog tomorrow. There's always some more gardening posts to read at my other blog Melanie's Perennials. I just posted about evening primroses there.



Connie said...

Beautiful...I love it, too! There are whole meadows of it growing wild here, and when in bloom, they are stunning. Camas root was a staple food of the Nez Perce Indians here in Idaho.

Ewa said...

I love camassia and this is the year that I will grow it first time. Yours seem to be established. Beautiful!

Joolsfw said...

OK that's decided it then: two blogs I like rhapsodising about these flowers.I will get some and grow them next year!

Gail said...

One of my favorite spring bulbs...thanks for the reminder to divide it now! We've had the 'foul fowl' weather, too! gail

Sherri said...

What a beautiful plant! I've seen alot of plants but never that one. Thanks for introducing me to a new plant!!

Tatyana said...

Easy to grow - these are the magical words for me. Should get it! The second image is amazing - such a stunning color contrast! Thank you Melanie!

Gayle said...

Love your photos. The Camas lands were/are vast in Idaho, wars were fought over this food source. Our area in Island Park, ID, is an historic trail of the Nez Perce. What a gorgeous time of year, thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos.

mlc said...

Very nice blog. Now this is another plant I have to look into. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I love my Camassia. I have pink, white, blue and the standard. I also have some shorted ones with variegated leaves. I want to move some of it, as a Japanese Maple is starting to cover it. I wonderful when and, thankfully, found this blog. I'll move those that have finished blooming today. Thank you!