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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Final Days

Just a short post for today. We are winding down the sales season here at Old Country Gardens. Today we'll be open for business or even just for walking around. The colors in the garden are to-die-for, eye candy where ever you turn.

Next Sunday July 26th, will be our last sales day, it will be combined with a huge garage sale out by the curb. Our 15 year old Emily will be running the sale, all proceeds will go towards buying her a new laptop which she will need for her junior year at high school.

Thanks to so many of you I've learned so much this first year of garden sales and I'm filled with so many new ideas for the future!

With love,


Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Melanie, it's hard to believe you are winding down your season already! It doesn't feel that far in to the summer yet (to me). I've learned from you...just visiting occasionally has given me some great ideas and wonderful flower show each time! Hope your final sale goes well...with the garage sale at the same time, I'm sure your daughter will be able to buy her computer!

keewee said...

Hi Melanie, I was in our local garden center yesterday, and I could see where there are now empty spaces where they have consolidated some of the plants. It makes me feel a little sad to think the season is almost over.

Cinj said...

Amazing what kids "need" to have for school nowadays, isn't it? I remember having a couple of pencils and some paper. How times have changed. I don't stop by often enough but I've been keeping pretty busy with my new endeavors this summer as always. Hope the final sale is a smashing success!

lynn'sgarden said...

Beds are just beautiful, Melanie! Good luck next week with your final sale...does this mean you can relax a little and not go, go go? Sit and enjoy your garden for a few minutes today!

Teresa said...

Flowers are great! And the garden you toured is just beautiful. Good luck with your daughter's sale.

Gail said...

Wow! Where did the summer time go...This is the time of year I buy most of my plants...for fall planting! We just can't plant many things after April if we expect them to survive! What a different gardening experience it is on LI! gail