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Friday, July 03, 2009

Flowers for Lauren

Today is my daughter Lauren's 20th birthday. I rarely post about my girls but yesterday I posted about Emily so of course I have to write about Lauren today.

Lauren has been a constant companion with me on numerous garden tours. We've been at conventions and tours in Detroit, Philadelphia, central Florida, Boston and many other locations and Lauren won't let me forget we already have a date for a tour in Louisiana in 2011.

Last night Lauren requested lots and lots of flowers for her birthday. Not the standard arrangements that are created by professional florists but my arrangements which tend to look like my garden, a mass compendium of plant material.

When she wakes up she'll find three arrangements waiting for her. One is large and two are mid-sized.

Of course they aren't out on the brick patio but in various parts of the house. Today's lighting though wasn't conducive to indoor photography (not much better outside either).

There will also be small single specimens for her to place where ever she wants. How many of you are cringing right now?

Yes, the noxious, notorious Houttyunia cordata is in these arrangments. Fair warning here, if you see a lovely colored foliage plant with the nickname 'Chameleon Plant' do NOT buy this plant. Unfortunately, I inherited a piece but luckily I have it contained in one portion of the garden.

The good news is Houttyunia's a beautiful addition to a cut flower arrangement. I try to pull out the whole stem with as much root as possible and just chop off the root before putting it in the vase.

Do you cut flowers from your garden?


Robin's Nesting Place said...

Lovely flower bouquet and happy birthday to Lauren!

I do cut flowers from the garden. I wish I had more space for a cut flower garden. I love having fresh flowers inside and there is something extra special about them when they come from one's own garden.

gittan said...

That must have pleased her. Lovely bouquets from the garden mmm... I like that. But since there are a number of allergic people in the family I dont bring them inside the house. I cut flowers for bouquets and put them at the table in the garden. One of my girls are also twenty but not a bit interested in flowers. Happy Birthday to Lauren / gittan

Holly said...

awwwww! There is nothing like a Mommy Present. I love the thoughtful things my children do for me, and I know they appreciate the things I do for them too.

Happy Birthday Lauren, enjoy every minute of your day.

Hà Xuân said...

Happy birthday to your sweet daughter, Melanie. Your flower arrangements are very warm-looking. I bet your daughter will love them.
A word about the little stem with white flower. Do the leaves have a somewhat 'fishy' aroma? It looks quite like some kind of herb we Vietnamese eat very often here. And it's quite invasive too.

Heather's Garden said...

I do cut flowers from my garden and put them into vases inside. I think my favorite might be hydrangeas. I hope your daughter had a happy birthday.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Very sweet gesture from you... lovely arrangement. ~ bangchik

Melanie said...

Hi everybody, as always, you are all so wonderful with your comments. Ha Xuan, you are absolutely correct about the houttuynia cordata being the same fishy herb. I did a quick google check and sure enough, that's what it is!

Guess there's something new to learn every day.