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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Landscape scenes

Taking photos of individual blooms is easy. You look through the view finder, check the surroundings and shoot.

If I wanted this photo of the hardy Geranium 'Nimbus' and the Coreopsis 'Zagreb' to be perfect, I would have had to take a little pair of scissors first and clip the dead heads off the Coreopsis. Still, it only took a moment for me to set this photo up and take it.

Stepping back a little further, you can focus on a small planting area. Still, not too difficult although there's more to look at inside your frame. Taking this photo out near the street I had to crouch down slightly so you didn't see the blacktop just at the top of the photo. Of course, there's also photo shop to help you crop out some things.

The more plant material (subject) you mix into the photo, the more difficult it seems to be to get a pleasing shot. Yesterday I tried to shoot a few landscape shots in the garden. This spot looked lovely but the camera wasn't as kind as I had hoped (or was it the photographer?).

I like the way this one came out with the misty air showing. Again, if I wanted this to be better I would have pulled my car out of the driveway (can you see it?). There wasn't any sense though in doing this because there's also a big black garbage dumpster in the driveway but hopefully I hid it well with the plant material.

Of course landscape shots wouldn't be complete without one that includes my little bicycle. Now you can see it with the charming basket that Bonnie found for me.

The back bed around the pool is such a riot of color that I can't make myself leave that area. It should be at peak for another week or two. The main focus of this bed is daylilies, if I had the luxury of redesigning it now I'd add some more mid and late summer blooms so it continued to put on a show for the whole summer. I have very few early spring blooming plants here as I really want it to shine during swimming season.

Here's one of the views from the top of the pool patio looking down. Hmm, I wonder why there's only one single Liatris stalk there, must let that baby increase! The Platycodon (balloon flowers) have been wonderful this season, today I'll try to remember to deadhead these a bit. It only takes a few minutes and keeps them blooming for so much longer.

Hope you liked my landscape shots.


Brooke (CreativeCountryMom) said...

Oh wow, hun. They all look great. I agree on the late summer blooms, I have areas I need to fill too. That bike is so cute. I have one that was mine and now my 9 year old a few Have a great day.

Sylvia (England) said...

I like your landscape shots Melanie. I do agree about them being harder to take, it is one of the things to consider when planting - what it will look like in photos. I am sure if I took this approach my planting schemes would look much better!

Good luck with your college course, I think it is great fun to do these when one is older - I went to university in my 30s. In my view learning is more fun and it is much better than when you are young.

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

Hà Xuân said...

I always like to look at landscape shots, they give me the feeling of "being there". Yours are very interesting. I especially like the one with your bicycle. I'm still looking for one to put in my garden.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Wow, what beauty you have designed in your yard Melanie! I have enjoyed your garden views every time I stop by! You have that special touch that makes your garden a work of art;-)

VW said...

Very nice pictures of a gorgeous, full, floriferous garden! I hope my young yard looks like yours in a few years.

mosaicqueen said...



Chen said...

Beautiful compositions. I still have problem making compositions that can bring out the individual beauty of daylily without looking messy. I can see some of the companions you used are similar, but I wish I can stand in front of these beds to observe the details. Thanks for inspiring.

Cool Garden Things said...

It's interesting about the balloon flowers! They really have had a wonderful year...I wonder why that is. This is the first year I have ever seen them look so good in all my gardens...
GartenGrl at Planning Plants to Plant

Colleen Wms said...

You have beautiful garden photos. I look forward to spending some more time touring your gardens through your blog!