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Sunday, August 02, 2009


From the title of today's post you might think I'm going to write about photography. Nope, not at all where my mind is right now. Instead, my mind is all over the place, way too many things going on and not enough brain cells to dedicate to a single task.

So, I have been trying to focus, focus on what is most important at this moment. Unfortunately, that focus does not include much creative genius for blogging. I know I've been slow here the last few weeks, hopefully once life settles down a bit I will get back to things full steam ahead.

Isn't this daylily just stunning? It's 'Blowing Bubbles' by Joel Thomas Polston of Dayton Ohio. I'm not usually a fan of the round ruffled daylilies but this one opens perfectly like this with every bloom.

We've had so much rain and humidity the past week. It was a surprise when the sun peeped out this evening for an hour or two. Almost immediately the butterflies came to the Buddlea (butterfly bush).

I might have to vote the Agastache as the bloomingest summer perennial. It has just been fantastic for so long now. Next year I need to make sure I get more of these beauties. What you can't tell from the photo is how delicious the foliage smells. Yum!

Ah ha, more my type of daylily here with the oldie but most beautiful 'Asiatic Pheasant' which is mid-late bloomer in my garden.

One more shot for you shade lovers. I don't remember planning this combination of white Stokesia (stokes aster) with the Brunera 'Jack Frost' but wowza! What a perfect pairing.

Ok, now I feel a bit better although this post isn't up to par with my usual prose.



Kaija said...

Hi! You allways have so beautiful wishes from "crow cottage", Kaija

Sue said...

Your photos and blooms are lovely. I sometimes have trouble focussing, too. I hope things are going OK for you.

VW said...

Well, I love the rounded daylilies, and your opening shot is scrumptious! The shade shot is nice, too, my jack frost brunnera has grown nicely from the 4" pot size it was this spring.

sweet bay said...

I'm not usually a fan of the ruffled daylilies either, but 'Blowing Bubbles' is gorgeous. 'Asiatic Pheasant' is beautiful too. I love the spider-type daylilies (and I never thought I would). The shot of your shade garden is wonderful. So much to look at and it all combines together in such a lovely way.

mosaicqueen said...

I love the shade garden. Now if only I could find some shade in my yard :-)


Gardens by T said...

Your pictures are lovely, I especially like the anise hyssop with the red monarda

Gail said...

melanie~~I hear you, focusing is tough some days. But your photos are delightful! I love the red monarda with purple hyssop! They are fabulous together. Love, love, love the golden daylily, its spider style is perfect for me! Have a sweet weekend. gail

Betty from Germantown said...

Finding your web site while looking for rubeckia and open to a beautiful daylily from a fellow near where I live - how remarkable. I would love to have "blowing bubbles", it is lovely.

Having some problems with my rubeckia goldstrum as it is brown and dry. It must take really close planting with lots of mulch to look good in the heat of August. I was intriqued by some other types, but don't want ragged foliage.

Lovely photos also.