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Monday, August 24, 2009

Tickled Pink

A few weeks ago I bought a beautiful piece of artwork. I rarely buy anything that would be hung on the walls but saw a piece I just had to have!

Those of you who know me know that I love purple cone flowers. One of my rants though is that in my eye they are pink and the cone is orange, so where's the purple?

At the top here you can see the original water color I purchased from Kathleen McElwain. Kathleen is a wonderful artist who paints many of her watercolors while riding a bus in Austin Texas.

Now here's the kicker, Kathleen subscribes to my blogs and this lovely watercolor was based on one of my photos. How cool is that!!!

This is the actual photo that I had posted on one of my blogs, Kathleen subscribes to both of them so I don't know where it was originally.

By reading her blog, I see that you can also commission Kathleen to paint for you. What a great idea for holiday gifts.

You can see Kathleen's artwork at her Etsy site just by clicking "Buspaintings". I think I need to go through my photos and see if there's something else I'd like painted before I decide on a frame and location for the coneflower piece I already have.

Thanks Kathleen!


sweet bay said...

How wonderful! And what a lovely painting.

Joanne said...

How lovely thrice over Enjoying flowers photo and painting.

Kathleen McElwaine said...

Thank you to all of you that grow the beautiful flowers. Your photos keep me painting. Kathleen McElwaine
to learn more and see more of my work please visit my web page

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I would say that this exchange was totally serendipitious!