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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dividing Hellebores

Holy cannoli, check out the size of this Hellebore! It's been in the garden about 5 years now. Although the books say that Hellebores will grow fine in bare or average soil, I planted this one in a spot that had just been amended with composted manure. It quickly grew into a monster sized plant.

Here's a side shot, you can see that it is in a full sized wheelbarrow. I have to tell you that I almost flipped myself upside down when I tried to lift it out of the ground. Note to self, trying to lift something the same size as myself is not a good idea.

I really had no idea how to divide this thing but when it comes to perennials I've become quite adventurous. So I simply grabbed my super-de-duper unbelievably sharp, root knife and started sawing away. You can see the center line where I simply when down between the emerging leaves.

I didn't cut them down too small because I really don't know how Hellebores react to being divided. All the pieces were replanted in well amended soil.

One division though was saved and I potted this one up in a big fat pot. I plan on leaving it in the pot all winter to see what happens.

So far it's been 24 hours since I cut this clump into pieces and the foliage hasn't wilted. I've got my fingers crossed that I didn't kill this beautiful plant. Tomorrow I need to remember to water all the divisions well since the ground here is bone dry and there's no rain in the weekly forecast.

Wish me luck!


The Galloping Gardener said...

Really delighted to find this post as I had no idea how to divide hellebores and my garden back home is just filled with them! Thanks.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Good luck girlie! I wish I was there to be the recipient of one of these babies from the giant mama! I have a feeling "They'll be b-o-c-k!!"

Mary Delle said...

Hurrah for your hootzpah. I hope your hellebores will do well.

George said...

Great pictures. How did your divisions do? I'm hearing different things about hellebores so I wanted to check and see about your results. Thanks!