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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The first day...

Well, autumn has truly arrived here at Old Country Gardens. It's brought a whole new life to me, today is the first day!

Emily and I have been living here on our own for three weeks now, still quite a bit of learning to do. Yesterday I went on a job interview with J.Crew in our local mall, looking for something to do for the holidays and get my feet back into the "working world". Guess what? I start today!

The sugar maple in front of my house is just a riot of color, what a great sight to see out my bedroom window.

The pass-along Chrysanthemums from my friend Gianna are blooming madly right now. I need to plant them in a spot that really shows off their autumn beauty.

Great foliage still going strong on some plants. Stachys byzantine 'Helen Von Stein' with it's big gray felty leaves looks fantastic next to the heavenly golden foliage on the Platycodon (balloon flowers).

Took a few more shots today, hope to post them to my Melanie's Perennials blog later tonight after I get home from WORK! Wooohoooo, hope my feet hold up :-)

Wish me luck!


azplantlady said...


I have never left a comment before, but have enjoyed reading your blog.

Your Sugar Maple is just beautiful with its autumn colors. I hope your first day at work went well.

our friend Ben said...

Best of luck, Melanie! Good for you for getting a job on your first try!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful there and good luck!

Daisy said...

You were missed! Glad to have you back.
The first couple of days are tough, but you will get used to it, and you have a great personality for dealing with people.
I was thinking today that the colors of fall are a bit late this year in our neck of the woods.
I spent the day pulling weeds and digging blackberries, jerusalem artichokes and other unwelcome visitors out of a flower bed... could not bear to do it when it was hot and muggy.

lynn'sgarden said...

Glad to see your posts again, Melanie! You will be great in this new adventure...keep us posted ;)

texasdaisey said...

Your pictures are so pretty. Really enjoyed your post.