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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Mystery Plant

Last weekend while in Chicago I came upon a mystery plant. Now I do have to admit that I don't grow every perennial out there but in most cases I can identify the ones I see while on tour.

This plant intrigued me, needless to say I'd love to try a piece someday.

The flowers remind me a little of Columbines.

The foliage underneath the blooms though doesn't resemble Columbine foliage at all.

There are mass plantings of this lovely plant at Millenium Park in Chicago. I'm guessing that it's a perennial since it was surrounded by other perennials. In this one area it was mixed with Stachys monnieri.

Anybody have any idea what this is?


Ben said...

Geum triflorum "Prairie Smoke" it is a lovely plant and the seed head is even more attractive then the flower.

Melanie said...

Wow Ben, that was fast! Thanks so much with the plant identification, I will have to look up what type of soil it likes.

We have quite acidic soil here on Long Island and in the past I've had poor luck with Geums and blamed it on my soil...maybe I'm wrong.

our friend Ben said...

I've never dared to try it here in humid PA, but love prairie smoke and long for it anyway.

webb said...

It's gorgeous - love the color. Wonder if it will put up with clay?

Melanie said...

Ok, so we have a challenge here. Let us know if you grow this plant and also what kind of conditions you grow it in!

Dave said...

Stumbled upon your blog today. How exciting! it'll give me hours of reading.

Best regards for a speedy recovery


Beth Niquette said...

What lovely photos--these filled my eyes, every one. That is the greatest compliment I can give.