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Monday, April 30, 2007

Plant Sale, 12 days and counting!

(Daylily 'Laura Harwood', a dark beauty that blooms in August which is late even for a daylily. How nice to have a perennial that blooms during pool season when so many others have finished and are browning out due to summer heat.)

Well, here I am again, hopefully bringing lots of information about our up-coming plant sale.

After yesterday's post I realized that I forgot the most important thing. Where is the sale???

The sale is at my house, just go to google maps and type in 259 Beverly Road, Huntington Sta. NY 11746 and it will give you directions. We live on the part of Beverly Road that runs south of Jericho Turnpike, right before it intersects with Fox Hollow Road and Old Country Road.

While folding the laundry last night I came up with some more possible questions so I'll post those until I hear from some of you.

This sounds like a good cause, how can I help? You can help by spreading the word! Maybe you're reading this blog but don't live on Long Island. Well, send an e-mail out to some friends who do live here, I think just about everybody in the world knows somebody on Long Island :-)

What's your goal? Two years ago we brought in $2,000. The students who worked a half day shift earned $50 towards band camp. A few worked a full day shift and earned just over $100. My goal for 2007 is to blow those numbers out of the water!

(Euphorbia polychroma (bottom left corner) is a favorite here every year and I think I'd better pot up some more!)

How do your plants compare with those at local nurseries? The plants here are at least as good as what you'd get at one of the major home improvement chains and the selection is better. Our prices run from fair to bargain basement. Many perennials such as Rudbeckia (Black eyed susans), Echinacea (Purple cone flowers), Liatris, Phlox 'David', Phlox 'Delta Snow' and Coreopsis 'Zagreb' will be $4 for a one gallon pot. There are also lots of pots of Hakonachloa (Hakone grass) for $4 and that's better than wholesale prices!

(In this photo you can see how lovely Hakone Grass (top left corner) combines with just about any Hosta (bottom left corner) to fill a shady spot in the garden.)

Some plants are extremely limited. There are only three pots of Pulmonaria angustifolia 'Azura' and I expect them to disappear almost immediately. Yesterday I began digging the Polygonatum. We'll have the dwarf humile variety and the variegated Polygonatum odoratum variegatum for sale.
(Pulmonaria angustifolia 'Azurea' has heavenly blue flowers and non-typical lungwort foliage. No spots! A big bonus is this plant grows like the dickens.)

Only three daylily varieties have been dug so far but there's 20 more on the "to-do" list. With over 400 daylilies here you can tell that I'm just crazy about them.

(Daylily 'Chorus Line' is a beauty, loved by gardeners all over the world shouldn't you have a piece in your garden too?)

If you're new to blogging, they are kind of like an on-line diary. For more information on the plant sale you have to read yesterday's post which comes after this one.

Off to dig!

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