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Saturday, May 05, 2007

7 day to our Marching Band Plant Sale!

7 days, one week away from our Marching Band perennial plant sale. The weather today is glorious, cross you fingers that it's just like this one week from today.

(Sweet violets so happy to be saved from those munching bunnies)

Now that I'm finally happy with the number of plants potted up, I'm really enjoying straightening up the mess out there. I've moved my work area and tried to organize it a bit. It would have been smarter to do this before I began working but hey, that's life.

(About time I did this with my potting station.)

The weeds are growing as fast as the flowers, thank goodness my mom arrives on Wednesday. Mom's a weed machine. Just let her loose and your garden will look amazing!

A few new additions to our inventory. Some big blue Hosta sieboldiana, more Astilbe, Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' was just potted up this morning.

Super-size Me!

(Regular, Large and Jumbo pots of Astilbe $4, $6, $8, still a great deal!)

Last year a man stopped by and asked if I had any huge pots of Hosta. He specifically referenced the big pots that they sell at Costco. This year I decided to offer different sized pots of perennials. The prices obviously increase as the size of the pot gets larger. For those of you who are like me (instant gratification), you can supersize it and get a jumbo plant.

Short post today, got to work!

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