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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hardscape Time

(Ick, our front walk and stoop were an insurance agents nightmare. We no longer felt safe standing on that front stoop. Forget about any welcoming feeling.)

Hardscape is such an important part of any landscape package but easily the most expensive. When we bought our house (almost 11 years ago), we knew we'd need quite a bit of stone work down the road.

The front stoop was so small that you had to step back and down one step just to get the door open. That was pretty ridiculous considering our front lawn is almost 3/4's of an acre. The walkway from the driveway to the stoop was only set in sand and had been undermined by chipmunks more times that I can count.

A few years ago we began to look into estimates on having masonry work done here. The first time I asked for everything at once, the front walk and stoop, the driveway, the back patio and the pool patio. OUCH! That first estimate was the size of a down payment on a house.

(First view of the new stoop and floating platform)

Since then we've had one or two estimates a year, just for the work in front of the house. Not one of the people who came here excited us. Basically they offered a plan very similar to what was here. I'm the first to admit that I know nothing about this kind of design work but I knew that we needed some kind of inspiration. Along came Libardi Island Landscaping Corp. and suddenly we knew we were in the right hands.

(Preparing the foundation for the new walkway)

Pete and Tony Libardi were doing work on the house across the street from us and we did our usual "come give us an estimate" dance. Right from the start we knew things were different. They had done such a classy job on the house across the street. Pete came up with some ideas that I would have never conceived on my own. Not only would the stoop be larger but there would be a "floating platform" at the base of the stoop and then the walkway would be another level.

(Work on the walk way and patio in front of the breezeway begin today)

Today we are only half way through the job and Don and I are just ecstatic. These guys are awesome! Not only is their work amazing and their prices highly competitive, they continue to come up with new ideas.

Just in case you live on Long Island and are looking for a recommendation for some great masons, I took the above photo. We highly recommend Libardi Island Landscaping Corp. Although the job they did here was strictly masonry, they also did a totally awesome landscape package on the house across the street from us.

I've got to go back out and watch the magic they are creating,


Robin said...

The new stoop and platform looks perfect for the house. I can't wait to see the finished project.

Melanie Vassallo said...


Now that they are finished I can't begin to describe how happy we are with this job. Not only is the end result beyond our wildest dreams but working with these gentlemen was the ultimate pleasure. I kept joking that I need to win the lottery so I can have them come back and do my whole yard :-)

Photos of the finished project are coming, I just came in from replanting the smallest bed there and need to wait for the sun to move before I take photos.


Gotta Garden said...

That is wonderful to hear of such a positive experience! And, it looks great! I have hardscape! I need stairs in my they commute to Virginia?? (Just kidding...but I do need stairs!)

Anonymous said...

I came accross your blog while looking up Bergamot herb (bee balm or Oswego tea.) I found your paragraph on it helpfull and then began to read more of the blog. I do a little bit of gardening myself... 16 and living upstate NY. From your pictures and wat i have read i would love to see wat you have done im very jealous haha. Good luck in your future gardening! ~Jason♥