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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday peace

Today I wish you a peaceful Sunday.

Seeing as it is Super-bowl Sunday and my husband Don has been a die-hard Giants fan since his teens, there will be no peace here today :-)

I've selected four photos, each hopefully shares with you the sense of peace I've felt in these locations.

First is the most magnificent view ever and one would hardly believe that this pocket of peace is in New York City. This breath taking location is at Wave Hill, overlooking the Hudson river.

Secondly, this park-like expression of spring was taken at my friend Mary Kay's home, right here in Huntington New York. Mary Kay has a garden that is just chock-full of unusual collector plants.

Third comes a place that was one of my favorites since I was a child myself. Way in the back of the photo you might be able to see my daughters when they were young girls too. I bet they'll feel the same way about this magical place, the Primrose Path at Old Westbury gardens.

Last but not least, a place that I have spent many an hour in peaceful solitude, dreaming of gardens to be is one of the sales beds at Fox Hollow Farms. Just four doors away from me here, it's the only one of these locations that is no longer as the photo shows. I still miss being able to walk a few minutes to be in the middle of a top notch perennial sales garden. Walking was always my preferred method of transportation as it kept me in line by only being able to purchase what I could carry home.

Today is predicted to be seasonally warm, I think I'll bundle up and head outside for some peace of my own.

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