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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gardening Basics A-F

"A" is for Annual (Cleome)

Tomorrow night I begin teaching an Adult Education program at our local High School. Naturally, the topic is gardening. So far 15 people have signed up for the program, with the possibility for another one or two to walk in tomorrow. That's an excellent turn out for a single program in our district.
"B" is for Birdhouse

Since my new students will have various levels of garden expertise, our first program will be "Gardening Basics". The program I've prepared uses images to explain gardening terms in an ABC format. Yes it's very simple but I hope that by making sure the basics are covered, we can move quickly into some hard core gardening.

"B" is for Biennial (Digitalis)

Tag along and let me know if you thing of a term or word I've missed. I'll continue the alphabet tomorrow and hope to be finished by the weekend. Some letters have more than one applicable word. One note, I did not use the names of plants for any of the letters but I'd love to have more gardening "concepts" to add.

"B" is also for Bulbs

"C" is for Compost

"C" is also for Container

"D" is for Dirt (but in class we'll call it "soil")

"E" is for Edging (this example is "high maintenance)

"E" is for Edging (this example is low maintenance)

"F" is for Foliage

And that's all for today, stay tuned tomorrow for more...


Bill Stanley said...

Very nice photos! I'm learning my alphabet all over again.

David Perry said...

Fun post, Melanie. Wish you the best with your class.

Cabs said...

I just had to scroll down and read the comments on "take back the shed." Got a good laugh out of that anonymous one! I think your neighbor (owner for the fence) must have "found" your blog, LOL!! Some people's taste is "interesting."
Enjoying your blog very much!

Keith said...

Hi, Melanie, and greetings from the southern part of New Zealand. Dave of The Home Garden sent me over to visit you and I'm impressed to the extent that I'm subscibing to your weblog. Love your photos and when you say you're "no photographer".... well, you could've fooled me! All the best with your Community Education course. Unfortunately, the logistics involved for me to attend are a little daunting! I am attending a Community Education course on Photoshop Elements at present though. I'm thinking of starting a garden blog myself (Will it be the world's southernmost garden blog?!!) and hope some photo-editing knowledge might be useful!

tina said...

you have a lovely blog and yard and beautiful gardens. dave at the home garden said to stop by and say hello. i am glad he did as i enjoy your blog and will have to add yet another one for my reading.

Connie said...

Great idea for a post...and wonderful photos as well! I came by from Blotanical... and enjoyed the visit.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Melanie .. I should make more sense today .. so far .. chocolate free ? haha
This is a great way to teach the basics of gardening to newbies !
I'm sure they will come away with a good feeling for gardening even if it comes a little later on .. it will "stick" in their heads, filed away !

Gail said...


I think the alphabet is a clever way to organize a class.
x= xeric, h=humus, or hydrology
I can do this all day! c= companion planting...stop me!


Frances, said...

I also came from Dave's mention, so glad and looking forward to the rest of the alphabet. You have a lovely garden, it will have to be explored and enjoyed leisurely.

Frances at Faire Garden

Anonymous said...

My Master Gardener sister has a birthday coming up and I would love to give her a birdhouse like the woman in you picture. I tried a fruitless Google search. Do you remember where your came from?

p.S. I am choosing anonymous because that was the only way I could get the comments to work

Melanie said...

Just a quick pop in to let anonymous know that I found that birdhouse at a small store in Vermont, 5 years ago. I've seen it in one or two other shops since then. I called it a bee-hive hair do.

Wish I could give you more help. Tomorrow I'll try to run out back and see if there is a manufacturer stamp or mark on it.

Ewa said...

great way to tach basics with alphabet :)