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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My cup runneth over...

In the hour before I went to bed last night and the hour since I've awoke, I've been riding on the roller-coaster of life. My life will quickly become more hectic than ever once the weather allows me to be working in the garden. So I've been trying to put some meat on the bones here, in other words, get lots of blogging work done.

Three things happened to me in these last few hours. The first was I achieved my first milestone with Blotanical. I hit my first goal of 500 user points which catapulted me to the next level, a "Patron Blotanist". Hooray, I know it sounds silly here but it allows me more freedom to reach people through this wonderful gardening bloggers community.

The next event came only minutes later. I was moderating some comments and I had been Flamed! Yes, I was flamed. I tell you, it took my breath away. Just to think about it, somebody had such strong feelings for me that they actually made the effort to flame me. I was shocked and flattered at the same time. Flattered? Well, nobody flames a nobody, so by flaming me, this flamer assured me that I am a somebody. Thanks anonymous poster for making my day! Sorry though that you can't seem to contain your jealousy a bit better, I'd send you a cheery photo to brighten up your life but you didn't leave me your name or address.

You too can share the heat of their ire by scrolling down to my "Take Back the Shed" post.

The third happening was waiting for me this morning. My message light at Blotanical was lit up and low and behold, I now have a red friendship star on my blog! Another Hooray, this means more exposure for me. And just think of it, now my secret flamer can get even more people to read their less-than-creative comment. Nothing like sharing the joy :-)

Crazy schedule today, I'll be back this evening with something new.


PS: I case you haven't figured it out yet, I don't believe in sulking and hiding in the corner when being bullied.


Meems said...

I had to go back to "taking back the shed" to know what "being flamed" was... I guess I am way out of it. That wasn't very nice... why bother posting an ugly comment? Anyway, I'm glad you aren't hiding in a corner.

I just got my star on blotanical too and funny how it motivated me just like a child ...wanting stars!

That goal of 500 seems so far away to me. I really want the opportunity to add more faves so I will slowly plug away at acheiving "points".

Love your barrel pouring over with impatiens and I just posted this morning - what a challenge it is keeping up with posting AND my busy gardening season down here in Florida. Have a great "busy" day!
Meems @ hoe and shovel

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I saw the comment, I'm not sure why they felt the need to say that. Glad to see that you're enjoying Blotanical. I do too.

Gina said...

melanie - why don't you delete the comment? this is your blog, there is no need to give a hateful person space to advertise, right?

on another note, I was thinking that most likely this person has the same fence that you don't like and since you pretty much said it was ugly, maybe they felt like you were calling their fence ugly? Still no reason to say something mean but just different perspective.

Melanie said...

Meems, congratulations on getting your star too! I've been part of a daylily on-line list for over 12 years and that's where I learned the term "flame". It's happened to me twice there, not bad for that long time stretch.

Robin, yes, blotanical has been a blast, I look forward to being here during the gardening season.

Gina, I thought long and hard about posting that "flame" instead of deleting it. My decision was that if I deleted it, that person won. They got to make their hurtful remark without even owning up to the deed. You do have a point about my having said the fence is "ugly". Maybe I did hurt their feelings too but that just didn't feel like it was the case here.

I hoped that my post about the shed and fence explained that I don't like those vinyl fences here, in country-like gardens where the large amount of trees we have deposit pollen on them and cause them to turn green very quickly. Just in case though, I apologize to anybody who's feelings I hurt about vinyl fencing.

lintys said...

Melanie, I love your blog. Your gardens are beautiful and inspiring and I love your photography and writing.

Gail said...


I, too, had to go back to your earlier post to figure out what being flamed meant...

I joined blotanical but think it may be too soon. I am still trying to learn how to blog. Some very nice people have faved me at blotanical and I haven't a clue what to do!!!!

Thank you for thinking of me!


GardenJoy4Me said...

melanie.. I had no idea what "flamed" meant either (am I a virgin to these catch phrases !!! LOL)
The next thing I have to say (keep it to yourself .. hehehe .. ) maybe that person was French Canadian .. I know ... I hear the gasps .. but for the most part, a comment like that, pretty well means what it means and no feelings are attached .. you get used to that in Canada ..
You have been away too long girl ! LOL
I'm sorry .. I went out shopping and I'm stuffed full of chocolate .. so maybe I will get flamed on my blog for being naughty now ?
Hey .. lets form a club .. the "Flamed" created by the "Inflamed" ? LOL
PS .. sorry .. it really is the chocolate

Phillip said...

This is the first time I've seen a gardener flamed like that - I thought all gardeners were nice people? :(

Your containers are so beautiful. I especially love the overturned barrel with impatiens spilling out. Just lovely!

Anna-Flowergardengirl said...

You are just like me!! It's why I wrote the post about starting my blog!! Somebody got delete happy on my site on a mb and I didn't go away either. I started my own blog and I'm getting lots more hits than ever over there.

I have Akismet on my blog and it stops a lot of that kind of foolishness. See if you can get it here.

Loved your pics today!! I'm going to be busy soon too. Let's just face it--us gardeners are outside all summer and on the puter most of the winter--lol.

Melanie said...

You are all so wonderful, I have warm fuzzy feelings in my tummy right now (it could be that store bought herbed chicken I just ate...)

Glad to hear that this doesn't happen too often to others, Phillip is right, on the whole, gardeners are the nicest people!

Crafty Gardener said...

Congrats on reaching the first milestone at Blotanical and also for getting your friendship star. Keep on enjoying Blotanical and meeting new gardeners from around the world.

kjohnson said...

Hello fellow Huntington blogger! I found you through Blotanical. Your garden is lovely and creative. I am new to blogging (since I retired) and have not experienced flaming yet. You handled it beautifully. I agree with Phillip - gardeners are generous people in the main.

Please visit me at (I am a newby at all this insert proticol, forgive me.)


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