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Friday, March 14, 2008

Did you See what I Saw?

Yesterday I was running around the house getting ready for an appointment filled day when I heard a strange banging noise. Looking out the window I saw that my dog Calie was quite busy.

She was standing quite steadily on her hind feet like a human and looking down the tube of our see-saw (teeter-totter or what ever else you call these things). I ran and grabbed my camera but it shoots too slowly to get the best action shots. It doesn't help that I was perched on the couch in a state of undress in front of a huge window while trying to take these photos.

After one end of the see-saw was pulled down to the ground, Calie would run around to the other end, stand on her hind feet and stick her nose into the metal tube. Down would come the see-saw...Thump.

After a moment of frantic digging Calie would realize she couldn't sniff/see down the tube and around she'd go again to the other side.

Never mind that you can see the true state of winter shambles of the garden behind her. I want to know what creature was running back and forth inside that see-saw! Maybe after Frances at Faire Gardens locked her mysterious visitor out it decided to move here?

Calie is one of those new mixed breeds (expensive mutts). Her mom was half yellow labrador/half standard poodle, her dad was full standard poodle. Calie has hair like a poodle, a bit less curly and doesn't shed. She also has the ridiculous clown nature of a labrador. Hence she is known as Calie the wonder-doodle.


Frances, said...

Calie the wonder doodle is one smart pooch, working that see saw like a pro. Hope it wasn't our little wren he was after. Hope it was a rotten squirrel, but maybe it was a little chipmunk? Poor little thing, how frightening for whatever it was. Funny about you in the state of undress, trying to get the shot, you did a great job. Thanks for the link!

Frances at Faire Garden

Marie said...

What a lovely dag :)

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Oh, how funny. Thank you for sharing that. I wonder if she had a friend could they stay in one spot and bang it up and down.~~Dee

lintys said...

Calie is an adorable, and very determined wonder doodle!

Oooh, the digging! My lab mix sheds like the dickens. I could do without the tumbleweeds on the floors, but I'm grateful he doesn't dig!

Gail said...

I was wondering if Callie was a Labra-doodle. She is a cutie. No shedding?

I appreciate the winter shambles; all my photos reveal mine, which is why I am out photographing the neighborhood!


Robin's Nesting Place said...

Maybe she just wanted to seesaw! Cute!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Ok melanie .. what is in Calie's dog food .. do dogs have dog "nip" like cats ? .. do you think she was a little .. hum .. tipsy ? LOL
I have pulled the "taking pictures in a state of pajama BEDHEAD scary look" .. the neighbors .. well they just got used to it and half the time they stopped screaming now .. so it is a little better ... quiter in the neighborhood for Mr. Rogers sake !
PS... did you ever see what she was really looking at ?

Brenda Kula said...

She looks like my Yorkie, Charlie Ross, does when he spies a bug or fly he can't get to.

RavenCroft said...

Calie is just too funny with her seesaw antics. Loved the pics! Thanks for sharing another wonder doodle story.

Melanie said...

Frances, she was most likely after a chipmunk, they drive her crazy!

Marie, thank you, we fell in love with her the first moment we saw her (I have that photo on the side of my blog).

Dee, my daughters burst out laughing when I told them your idea. Then I tried it and got on the other side myself, you should have seen her try to push down her side. It was so funny!

Lintys, we had to have a non-shedder, my husband has such awful allergies, otherwise he wanted a full lab. But, that digging, she's always digging up chipmunk runs and they always run under my favorite plants :-(

Gail, zero shedding, really! I have a navy blue fuzzy couch and there isn't a hair on it, the other couch is forest green. Calie sleeps on that one and it too has no hair on it at all.

Robin, I think everybody likes to seesaw. People just can't resist it when they see it. I think the previous owners got it from the elementary school up our street when it close back in the 70's (after baby boom).

Joy, Calie doesn't need anything special in her food, she's a total goofball, through and through. A big bumbling goofball. When she was a puppy her hind quarters would run faster than her front legs and they'd come around the side and she didn't know what was happening!!!

Brenda, my daughter Emily is crazy for Yorkies! She begged for one but I was so afraid one of the big hawks outside would get it so I insisted on a big dog. Guess I got what I asked for.

Anna, you've heard lots of Calie stories before but she always comes up with a new one :-)

Lin zone 9 said...

Calie is a cutie! I have a black American Field Lab named Rocky and you're right about Labs personalities. He is so funny and just so eager to please. He'd love to play with Calie. They'd be striking together.

I talked to a standard poodle breeder a few years ago and she said not all poodle are shed-free. Since, according to her, some do shed, I wonder if some Labradoodles shed? Labs certainly do! I joke about making the wrong choice in floor coverings and furniture...should have gotten black everything to match the dog's fur. Oh well, that's what vacuums are for and my Dyson gets a good workout almost daily. Rocky is worth the extra work. :-)

Kathi said...

That Calie is priceless isn't she? Thank you for sharing her cute story :).

Cabs said...

What a wonderful story! I can just picture her now. Quite a clever one I would say!

Nancy J. Bond said...

She's a pretty cunning canine! How cute!