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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's A Party and You're Invited!

Break out the balloon(flower)s and let's get going, there's a party going on!

Don't worry if you haven't got a thing to wear. It's a "come as you are" party.

(Hemerocallis 'Lola Branham' and Platycodon)

What's the party for?
My friend Anna is debuting her brand new garden blog RavenCroft and smart girl that she is, she quickly subscribed to Blotanical.

(Hemerocallis 'Radiation Biohazard' a hot daylily for a hot lady!)

Who's this Anna chick?
Well Anna and I are cyber-buddies. We met quite some time ago on a daylily internet listserve (not "The" daylily robin, another one).

Sometimes when you meet somebody over the internet you aren't sure you really are going to like them. The day Anna and I got in trouble for posting too much about our Sedums and not Daylilies, well, I knew we were going to be friends :-)

(Hemerocallis 'Starman's Quest')

Like Anna, I've been part of the gardening internet world for a long time, over 12 years now. But, also like Anna, I love to share photos and just can't stick to one topic for long, so blogging has become the thing for me.

(Hemerocallis 'Grapeade')

So lift your glasses in a toast to a brand new blogger and don't forget to stop by and drop a comment to my friend Anna at RavenCroft.


Anna said...

Hey--This is from Anna to Anna!! I visited her site and tried to leave a comment--but for some reason I get a red x where the verification code should be. I'll have to log on to her site from another window. I just got vista and a new puter. It happens on other blogs too so it must be something I haven't figured out yet. Please tell her I love her home and blog. I can how you two are friends.

minnesota kathi said...

Hi Melanie, I LOVE your pictures especially the "come as you are" blue bowling ball :) Mother has been wanting to fill her garden with them. I'm heading over to meet Anna now, thanks for the introduction.

Kathi :)

Mad Man Bamboo said...

Bowling balls in the garden, clever. I'm renovating my backyard garden and am looking to make it unique. Great idea!


Cabs said...

Wonderful. I like the blowing ball. I acquired 2 over the winter and am trying to decide how to decorate mine.

Lin said...

Wonderful phots, as always! Great idea w/the bowling ball and shoes. I, too, am a fan of daylilies.

I followed your link to Anna at RavenCroft and the only option for leaving a comment was with a "Google/Blogger" account, which I don't have. I'm wondering if she could add the options, i.e. "Name/URL", you (and most other blogs) have? (Would you mind passing this along since I can't do it myself.)

RavenCroft said...


Thank you for the "coming out" party. You're such a sweetie! Your photos are gorgeous to the max too. Love the bowling ball & shoes. Only you would think of that. :-)

And a big thank you to all your friends who've stopped by my blog. I guess there's a snafu for some trying to leave a comment for me, & I'll try to fix that.

Jane Marie said...

Hi Anna, I'm gald I found another daylily lover. I can't wait until June-July when my show begins. Thanks for introducing us to Melanie. I'm going to pop in on her now.

Jane Marie said...

Melanie, I'm sorry for the name mixup. I was popping around from one blog to the next and lost track of what I was doing. I guess it was a senior moment.

Di DeCaire said...

Found Ravencroft earlier today and was glad to find another daylily lover. Nice daylilies. Still freezing here in Rochester.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Those are some beautiful twisty daylilies you've got there. I've always wanted Lola Branham. I'd also like Margo Reed Indeed. Oh, and Wild and Wonderful.

Great job on introducing Anna's blog.~~Dee