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Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Spring!

Happy Spring! The air here is still crisp, actually quite chilly and the winds today have been whipping about but who really cares, spring is finally here.

I'm quite late today getting this message out, I had to celebrate the season with a trip to Lowes, Home Depot and finally to Borders Book store. Tomorrow I'll show you the items I bought and I what I plan on doing with them.

For today, I just want to enjoy some photos of what's to come. These flowering trees were photographed in late April last year at Planting Fields Arboretum.

As you can see, they were flowering the same times as the daffodils but I don't know if they were early, mid or late season daffodils. Did you know you could choose daffodils based upon when they'd bloom?

Magnolia's do grow and bloom here on Long Island. I don't have one here but my good friends up the street have a few different varieties.

I just walk up there if I need a Magnolia fix :-)

This photo of Daffodil 'Jet Fire' was taken on April 14, 2007. Today, the buds are already out there, about six inches off the ground. Hopefully that means that this spring will be earlier than last years spring.

I have yet to see any growth with the Dicentra cucullaria (Dutchman's Britches) but I'll keep looking! This tiny patch is about 5 years old and I wish it would spread more. It's in a very dry spot so that might be the problem.

Ok, now I need to bundle up and get out there and play with my new purchases so I can photograph them for you tomorrow.


María José said...

Hello, Melanie!!!
Lovely walk!!! and bautiful magnolias. Ï have tthree, one of them is a garandiflora the other two are soulangeana and at this time of the year the leaves are getting out and the flowers leaving.
I can stop reading and watching your blog!!, every day I can find some new interesting item!!!
Thanks a lot and enjoy Spring!!!
Best regards!
María José

GardenJoy4Me said...

What gorgeous trees !
Reminds me of our little Dutch village, Schinveld, (posted there for NATO)in the Spring. It was like a huge party happening even up to the part when wonderful pink confetti was thrown about by handfuls everywhere.
Spring was absolutely awesome .. I will never forget it and yet be reminded when I see beautiful trees like those in pictures again.
Is Spring really coming ? LOL

Brenda Kula said...

Every time I see a Magnolia, of course I think "southern." I grew up in Oklahoma, but now live in East Texas, so people sound "southern" here. I'm glad you have some signs of spring up your way. Happy spring!

Jane Marie said...

I love flowering trees. I always used to say there are enough varieties that you shouldn't even plant a tree unless it can produce flowers. I have changed my mind since then because I love oaks and maples for their shade, but flowering trees of any kind have a special place in my heart.

Layanee said...

Inspiring entry drive! It will be here before too long!

kjohnson said...

Hello Melanie, yes the wind is whipping and roaring like a March lion.

Your pictures fill me with anticipation. Planting Fields is lovely in full bloom!

Bek said...

What a great sea of blooms! I love Magnolias, but don't have any in my garden. There are lots of them around here though. I really like the combination with the daffodils. The other day I saw the first Magnolias blooming here in Virginia, so this would be possible with the early daffodils here.

Jean Ann said...

Thanks for the welcome to blotanical, have such beautiful pictures on your page!!

Carol said...

Thanks for a wonderful sneak peek at the blooms we can still expect this spring. Looking forward to reading about your shopping trip.

Melanie said...

Hi Maria Jose, the first time you posted here I was able to find your blog but now I can't get to it, could you post the name of it here? It was so beautiful!

Joy, I was in Holland once, during bulb season and it was so beautiful. Yes, spring is coming, it's just coming s l o w l y.

Brenda, up here we think of the Magnolia's as southern too! I'd love to get one for here, I'd look for a late blooming variety so it doesn't get nipped by frosts.

Jane Marie, our plot here is filled with bad trees and not near enough good trees. Unfortunately there are way too many bad trees to hire somebody to take them out :-(

Layanee, thanks, I love my driveway and once it starts blooming I drive down it at a snails pace.

kj, the wind is something else! It's still howling out there and took some of our siding off this morning!

Bek, you and me, we'll just have to visit other people's magnolias :-)

jean ann, you're welcome, blotanical is fun!

Carol, I'm still having fun playing with my new purchases. I only came inside to feed the dog and if I go out again she won't eat so I need to kill a few minutes. I'll keep taking pictures though!

Connie said...

The flowering trees are beautiful, and I just love Dutchman's Breeches! There is a wild patch along a creek near where we live....they love moist and shady areas.

Melanie said...

Connie, that must be it, the dutchman's breeches need water. I've heard they can seed like crazy but in my dry shade I've never found a single baby.

Anna said...

I know why I didn't see you when you came to Lowes today--I was there unwrapping the new Majestic Palms that came in and was covered in palm fronds. If I had seen you--would be telling everyone what you bought!!! Instead--we got to wait on pics. I did enjoy your picture show today. Blooming trees are so fantastic.