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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - April 08

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

The 15th of each month has been designated GBBD by Carol at May Dreams Garden. To see what other gardeners around the world have in bloom today you can click on the link to her site and visit with many other wonderful bloggers.

Today at Old Country Gardens in South Huntington, New York (on Long Island) I've found quite a few blooms. Some were posted just two days ago under the title "Sunday Bloomers". Here are a few more.

To open, we have one of my favorite Daffodils, 'Jetfire'.

The Hellebores are in their glory now, I really do find them such wonderful additions to the early spring garden.

Just popping it's sleepy head up is Viola 'Bowl's Black' which enthusiastically seeds itself throughout the perennial border.

You'll have to look carefully to see the blooms here but the Dicentra spectablis' (Bleeding hearts) all over my garden are plumping up like crazy and the tiny miniature hearts are just visible today.

A sweet lavender violet given to me a number of years ago. Unfortunately I'm too soft hearted and this beauty has invaded several parts of my perennial bed. I keep holding off until they bloom so I can cull the blue ones and leave the lavender ones but that doesn't seem to work. This year I vow to win the war!

Oh my, this is as good as staring at a pile of wrapped Christmas presents. The Sanguinaria canadensis (Double bloodroot) is just about ready to unfurl it's leaves and burst into bloom. I'm willing to bet that it will be open by this evening.

As a closing shot, I was so delighted to find the first bloom on this Hellebore seedling. A gardening friend, Mary Kay, shared some seedlings with me and what a wonderful day for this beauty to begin.

Happy bloom day to all of you! If you are a blogger, consider posting your own GBBD post, it's fun!


Muum said...

Your flowers look great! I didn't take a photo of my hellobore, it has two blooms on it, and looks pretty pathetic this year. I'll have to see what I can do to help it along.

Nan Ondra said...

You have some lovely offerings for Bloom Day, Melanie. That black viola is absolutely yummy. Your huge hellebore clump is stunning, and it looks like that spotted seedling is going to be outstanding!

Pam/Digging said...

I do love the look of those hellebores. We don't grow them in Austin, but it seems that everyone else does. Enjoy all your blooms!

Dave said...

The bleeding hearts and the hellebores look great! How is the weather shaping up for you all up there?

GardenJoy4Me said...

melanie .. I can't believe how many plants we have in common ! .. and your gardens are far larger than mine .. BIG sigh !
But .. you have the Double Blood Root which I covet .. you are making me very jealous indeed ! LOL

Cinj said...

What a delicious variety of flowers. Pansies and bleeding hearts are more of my favorites. Very cute to look at. My absolute favorites that I declare are sweet smelling and gorgeous though. Oh, and they need to last a long time. Is that too many requirements?

Anna said...

Just way too cool for words. I'm sitting here looking at dirt and a few knock out rose blooms--that's it. Well I do have new grass. OH--I did get a beautiful house warming gift yesterday..I got a hanging red geranium. Your blooms are so pretty. The little black face violet is shy and bold at the same time.

Carol said...

Beautiful flowers, I especially like the hellebores right now. This seems to be a good year for them in many gardens.

And it is nice to know I'm not the only one with a soft spot for violets.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Frances, said...

Hi Melanie, to think you have Jetfire blooming at the same time as the bleeding hearts shows how different our climates are. Your plants and flowers look so happy and healthy, you must have the special touch.

tina said...

I love that viola!

Kerri said...

You have some beautiful blooms, including the ones shown on Sunday. Isn't it wonderful to see color again?
My daffs opened in profusion on the day after bloom day, but I did have 3 open for the big day :)
I'm disappointed that my new (last summer) hellebore looks like it didn't make it. Yours are looking gorgeous! I'll have to try again.