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Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Plants for Me

On Thursday my friend Kim and I went out to eastern Long Island and visited two great nurseries. The first one was new for us, I had heard they had a nice selection of new perennials and sure enough, there were plenty of beauties for us to choose from.

The second place was the Peconic River Herb Farm which is worth a trip at any time just for the beautiful site and scenery along the Peconic River. Kim and I have been there before a number of times and decided that they aren't quite ready for the season yet, many plants we hoped to see were not yet on the tables and other plants looked a bit frost burned. Still, we managed to fill our wagon as usual.

Friday morning I skipped out of here while it was drizzling and managed to get a quick wagon full of plants at Atlantic nursery before the skies really opened up. Since the rain never slowed down, I spent the afternoon pulling the new arrivals into my breezeway for a photo shoot.

Maybe it's a phase but I'm really tired of all the labels and tags in my garden. The daylilies really do need those name markers but I want to do away with all the rest of the tags. The only way to remember what is what is to have some good records and a digital camera seems to be the perfect solution here.

Only one Sedum caught my eye in all these places and what a charmer it is!

Foliage was the key and almost every plant I bought had great foliage. Unfortunately blogger is giving me a hard time this morning uploading images so I'm just using a few here to get the message across. This is Ligularia 'Osiris Fantaisie' and I can't wait to add this purple foliage to my back shade border.

While I was taking the photos I had to keep shooing Calie-the-wonder-doodle away. She kept trying to step between the camera and the plants. At one point I went inside for paper and a pen and when I came out I found she had snuck her way into the photo shoot area.

I'd better run and get dressed. Do you remember when I posted about that lovely woman who came to shop but I mistook her for somebody else and gave her work to do? Well, Chris is coming over in a few minutes and we are going to play outside with some of the new plants. Hooray!


sisah said...

That cultivar in your last picture with curly light "leaves" I like most of all those new breeds ;-) ...Calie is the best!
Liebe Grüße

Northern Shade said...

Calie must know that she coordinates well to form a backdrop with the white wicker and white railing, except they've managed to keep their noses out of the garden.
Have fun finding the perfect spots for the new plants.

Laura said...

Great new plants- I love the foliage on that Ligularia! I think Callie may be jealous that Mom is taking pictures of plants and not her!

Helen said...

Lucky you, I bought a Ligularia last weekend which looks very similar to the ones in your picture, its outside in the rain at the moment or I would check the label. I did notice you have a lot of labels in your garden and I was going to ask you about that. I stopped the labels a while back and keep them all in a box but I am now struggling to remember what is what so maybe a digital record as you suggest is a really good idea

Dave said...

Cool new plants Melanie! I like that sedum. Have fun in the garden!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Melanie ... Calie is just trying to help .. I can see that in her sweet little face .. LOL
There is nothin glike bringing home new plants !
I have been collecting more for my Echinacea passion .. plus the 4th type of Bugbane (Hillside Black Beauty) .. I have a thing for dark foliage too : )
They all look very nice !

Anna said...

I was waiting for this post!! Lookie at all the goodies!! You sound so up and breathing easier now. I love all your selections and they are going to love that new dirt. I can't wait to sound like that too---the end of May--woo hoo!! I'm counting down the days.

Your pup is too cute. Will I be able to hold off on getting a dog? I'm so fearful that I'll fall in love again like I did with my precious Patches. I would love to have a dog just like yours. That dog is too cute. I can hardly resist her adorable face. I just might consider if you ever know of a litter sometime--- shoot me a line to my blog.

Cinj said...

Poor Calie. How dare you pay attention to all these plants instead of her? Ha. She does coordinate well with the white wicker.

I like your idea of cataloging your plants with digital pictures too. With my luck I'd probably misplace my files though.

Amy said...

What a great selection of new plants!

kathi~lavender, lace and thyme said...

I love seeing Calie, she seems to be part of your plant shots :). I still smile when I think of your story about putting Chris to work and she's coming back so she's still a friend!