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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Strawberry Pot

This season I will be planting very few containers with flowers. I'll be going to Germany in July, a time that is traditionally hot and dry here on Long Island. It's enough for my husband and daughters to try to water all my usual plantings, adding in tons of containers just isn't fair.

My strawberry pot though is one I don't have to worry about. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite containers in the garden. This is what it looked like yesterday morning. All of these plants were put in the pot last spring and they came through the winter just fine. The pot itself got a tiny bit of damage, you can see where it chipped a bit at the base.

The back side of the pot looked empty. There is one skimpy Sedum poking up out of the top and the bottom pocket was empty so I yanked a handful of Sedum 'Angelina' and stuck it in the opening. I'm not sure yet what I'll add to the top pocket.

I think the reason one side looks so lush and one side is sparse is because all last summer, fall and winter I didn't turn the pot every week or so. It's important to do this so that every side has the chance to have the most sunlight.

I just love all the textures and colors here. These pockets are just fine and will fill in quickly in the next few weeks. As for the full pockets, they might actually need thinning out.

Look, here comes a new addition. For three years I've planted a small fiber optic grass in the top opening but it's expensive and doesn't survive our winters. This year I'm going with something new. This Sedum is one I forgot to bring to the plant sale. It needed to be cleaned up and have the solid reverted pieces removed.

And here we are, all potted up and ready for summer glory. Best of all, other than that occasional turning, this pot required no care at all.


Gail said...

How many favorites can a gardener have? Sedum is another one of my favorites! I have a small strawberry pot and do believe a larger one might make the Sedums happier. Speaking of larger...the best garden center in our area has a 5 foot strawberry pot, oh to have the budget and garden for a pot that size!

Your combinations are wonderful.


Nancy J. Bond said...

I really love that pot! The difference in color and texture makes for a very interesting display!

garden girl said...

Melanie, your strawberry pot looks great. You do wonderful things with succulents!

cindee said...

That is wonderful. I love succulents a lot. They do so well here too. Your Strawberry Pot is makes a great focal point in your garden!!!

chey said...

I love this pot Melanie, with all the textures and colors.I would never have thought to use a strawberry pot in this manner! Thanks for the great idea!

Julie said...

How do you keep the dirt from flowing out the side pockets? I had one of these planted with succulents, but slowly over time, it just got the dirt washed out of was outside in the rain and elements...
Yours is very beautiful!!!

Frances, said...

Hi Melanie, your pot looks wonderful. I was wondering what you like to put in the top. Grasses are a good choice, we put the fiber optic grass in the pond! It still doesn't winter over but looks good and doesn't get too large. Your sedum is a beautiful choice. Hope you pot holds together for a while longer!

Frances at Faire Garden

Amy said...

What a fabulous idea! I love all the different colours and textures you've put in there - such wonderful combinations.

Melanie said...

Gail, I've seen a 4 foot strawberry pot and like you I wish I could fit that into my budget. As for favorites, I'm afraid I don't quite understand the definition of that word since I have so many favorites!

Nancy, the texture is my favorite part, I love to touch all the different succulents.

Thanks Linda :-)

Cindee, yes, it really is such a highlight here.

Chey, it was so much easier to get the succulents to grow in this pot than other plant material.

Julie, this one is outside in every kind of weather. I mixed potting soil with some good compost and really packed it in well in the pot. Then you have to stuff it in the holes, more than you thought you'd need.

Frances, I haven't seen any fiber optic grass yet this year but when I do I won't be able to resist a pot or two.

Amy, thanks, it's such an easy pot to make up and best of all, no work afterwards.