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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day Gnomes

Today's post shows two of my favorite garden accessories. They are garden gnomes, in German you would say Gartenzwerg (at least that's what I remember).

These gnomes are pretty old, they came here when a builder tore down an old shack just two doors away from us. Much as I'd like to see them with fresh paint, I'm afraid it would take away part of their charm and value.

The first gnome isn't seen often, I moved him this week because he was already hidden behind hosta foliage. His name is Hans.

This gnome is Claus. Although you can't tell from the photo, he's pretty big and quite heavy too. One of the reason I love these gnomes so much is because they remind me of my father. My Dad loved the outdoors, he would be outside any chance he could get. I remember hiking with him at Bear Mountain, berry picking at Alley Pond Park, shell gathering at Jones beach and many more excursions.

Dad was born in a small town that is in Poland today. When he was born the area was part of Germany. He was 12 when he fled with his mother and sister as the Russians were coming. They walked for many weeks before settling in Stuttgart.

Both gnomes have pipes which also reminds me of my dad. Unfortunately, we lost my both my dad and my husband's dad way too early because of lung cancer.

My girls don't have an Opa or Grandpa to call today but they do have a great dad. While I care for the flowers and the gardens, he cares for the house, the trees, the shrubs and of course, the lawn.

Right now he's making chocolate chip pancakes for his daughters. What a dad!

Happy Father's Day!


Beth said...

I liked reading about your gnomes and how they reminded you of your father. I have daily reminders like that of my mom - who passed away 16 years ago from cancer too. She loved impatiens and I always think of her when I see them.
Have a nice Father's Day with your family ...

Laura said...

Thank you for sharing your memories with us.

Mary Ann Archibald said...

I like Hans and Claus. They have lots of character. Great Father's Day post, btw. I enjoyed it. My father stepped into the next world about 10-years ago and I'm always a little lost on father's day. Guess that's part of why it was so nice to run across your blog. Thanks.
Mary Ann

garden girl said...

Aw, what a sweet post Melanie. I love the gnomes, and I wouldn't change a thing about them. They have a wonderful patina.

I hope you and your good man have a wonderful Father's Day with your family.

cindee said...

The gnomes are great. I have some too that I have had for years. They are cement but not painted. I also have some ceramic ones that are painted. My son and I love chocolate-chocolate chip waffles. Sounds like you had a great day!!!
I am sorry for your loss I know its harder on holidays.

Jean Ann said...

Wonderful story...and what a great dad to make chocolate chip pancakes for his girls!