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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If I did Roses...

This past Saturday I attended a Long Island Daylily Society meeting at Planting Fields Arboretum. The meeting was a short one and I had 15 minutes to run through one of the display gardens. Since it is June, I decided to go for the rose garden.

The first view one sees is a long pebbled path bordered by a massive wave of Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant'. I thought this was an excellent choice since Lavender isn't always reliable here on Long Island. One big change I noticed was that many of the roses in bloom were smaller fairy type roses. Either it's the season or they've been changing out the tea roses once they die.

Walking down this path was an amazing experience as the air was filled with the buzz of the thousands of bees at work. Even when there was no wind the blooms on the Nepeta waved to and fro as the bees collected their pollen.

The sun was quite bright so this photo is a bit harsh. I loved the color combination of the hot pink roses with the lavender Nepeta blooms.

At one point the garden meets a crossroad (path) that takes you past the perennials. Spaced all along it are posts that are holding up bowers of roses.

It was the most delicious feeling to walk down this path. When you put your nose up against an individual bloom there was no scent but with this multitude of blooms, the whole air was delicately perfumed.

Looking up this is what you would see, it was just heavenly.

One final look upwards. I could imagine being a little girl and lying down on the pebble path as the rose petals rained down. If I grew roses I would want to grow them like this.


Mother Nature said...

Thanks for your lovely post. It's the next best thing to being there.

Gail said...

There is something incredible about an allee of trees but when it's an allee of roses that is really special!


zvrk said...

What a beutiful place!
And nepeta (looking from the distance ) really looks like lavender!

cindee said...

Wow that is just breath taking!!! Wouldn't that be a beautiful place for a wedding!!!!!

Lin said...

Planting Fields Arboretum...just lovely!

garden girl said...

So lovely Melanie!

chey said...

I love the Nepeta lined pathway~it certainly looks like lavender from a distance. And the roses are absolutely beautiful!!!