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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tickled Pink

This week it seems I'm using lots of color in my blog postings. Today's title though really has nothing to do with color in the garden. Instead, something happened to me yesterday that I have to share here.

In ten days I'm heading to Germany with my mom. We have a train pass and besides visiting lots of relatives, we're going to see as much of Germany as possible in 15 days. In order to get ready for the trip I've been taking nice long walks every day so I'm in tip-top shape. Last night I went to our high school and walked on our new track.

As I was walking on the track a woman I recognized jogged past me and we said "hello". On the next lap she stopped me (she was VERY excited) and said she had to show me something. She handed me her cell phone to show me a picture on it. It was a photo of a Japanese Iris. Then she explained that she had bought that Iris at one of my plant sales.

I don't know what I was more tickled about. The fact that she was so excited over a flower or the fact that she had a picture of it in her phone so she could show people. Either way, she really made my day :-)
This post isn't really about flowers but of course I had to put up some photos. The top photo is the bloom on Centaurea dealbata in a sea of Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' (can you tell I use this Nepeta like crazy?)

The name of the plant in the bottom photo has just totally escaped my brain. Hopefully it will pop up again and I can post it here. If not, maybe one of you will jog my memory.


Gail said...


What a wonderful vacation to contemplate and what a nice surprise to run into a satisfied flower customer! How are you preparing the garden for your trip?


no, idea what it is, the flower looks familiar but that is all that is coming to me

Beth said...

Have fun in Germany! Will you take some photos of gardens over there to share on your blog?
I think that's neat that she stopped you to show you that flower from your sale - that's a compliment to you!

tina said...

That is so sweet! Have fun in Germany. I lived there for 10 years and miss it so much-wish I could go too!