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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Morning thoughts

Walking around the garden in early morning, in a simple sundress, camera and cup of coffee must be what heaven is like. My brain marvels at nature in all her glory, blessings are all around me.

Slowly as my mind unfolds I see new combinations and think of new ideas for the garden. Too sleepy still to act upon these ideas I just wander from spot to spot to enjoy the beautiful bounty of blooms.

This morning I noticed the hardy Begonias were beginning to grow. Their unusual colored leaves look lovely next to the deep purple of Sedum 'Postman's Pride'.

My sole rose bush is beginning to bloom. 'Westerland' is a climber and I love it so much that at this time of year I wonder why I don't ever plant any other rose bushes. It looks amazing with the deep purple backdrop of the Physocarpus 'Diablo' (purple ninebark)

The Lamium in the shade bed has put forth a huge flush of blooms. I hope it grows to the left and fills in a space that was left behind when a large Pulmonaria suddenly disappeared.

The Geranium nudosum has begun to bloom too. While many of my hardy Geraniums are at peak, others don't even have flower buds yet. This one likes the shade and I look forward to it filling in around my Hosta.

An "Ah Ha!" moment struck me as I came to this part of the garden. I've been disappointed with this Amsonia that looks much more white than blue to me. Just a few minutes earlier I was walking down the front border and thinking that there was so much pink and blue there and not enough white. Now I know what to do with this Amsonia.

The good old standby Geranium sanguinium is just a gigantic mound of blooms today. In another week or two it will start to lean over and get messy looking but right now it's glorious.

More waves of Geraniums, these are cantabrigiense 'Karmina' cresting over the rock wall. Can you see my gnome Claus relaxing there?

The pollen was so golden and fluffy on the Tradescantia that I looked through the viewfinder to focus on it when suddenly a bee arrived. Guess the bee agreed with me and thought that pollen was perfect.

One thought that came to me several times was "must let the Stachys byzantine grow. I've had years where there was lots of lambs ears and years that it had been over-thinned. It's just such a perfect combination plant that I realize I have to let it go loose and form some good sized colonies.

As I came back to the house I see this mornings project. I need to clean out the breezeway and pick up all my tools and half finished pots along the back patio. Calie was having a reflective moment too as she sat here for quite some time with only her nose twitching like crazy as she smelled the delicious scent of nature in the air.

I hope you are all showered with garden blessings today.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Be careful what you wish for - I've had to pull out barrels full of Lamium this year. I'm sure that space will be filled by midsummer. My Geranium nodosum is constantly threatening to expand its territory if not kept severely in check. Every year I have to hack off big chunks to keep it in bounds.
I also have a 'Diablo' Ninebark. Mine has sent up a lot of fleshy green-leafed sprouts. Has this ever happened to yours?

Gail said...

It all looks terrific...I do like the geraniums. I might have to try the G nudosum in my shadier garden. Don't you love Hardy Begonia! My point exactly with the Amsonia,it looks more blue than white...glad you found the perfect spot for him.


lin said...

Your garden looks beautiful, as always!

I am surprised that you don't have more roses. You have so many other amazing flowers that I hadn't noticed!

Calie does look deep in thought...such a cutie!

Beth said...

I wish I could give you some of my lambs ear - it's the size of your dog Calie! They are one of the most hearty plants in my garden. They look good all summer but they do grow pretty aggressively.

Lisa in CA said...

As always, glorious photos.