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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rhododenron Glory

When we bought this house 12 years ago, there was very little landscaping. Although the house was built in 1960 and made to look like a much older house, there never was a gardener here.

We found quite a few yews (Taxus), many were dead or near death and the previous owner told us that they were dormant. Uh huh, pull my other leg too.

The one thing that was worth leaving was a magnificent stand of Rhododendrons along the Northeast corner of the house. Our acidic soil and the nearby wooded lot assures these shrubs that they get their favorite conditions.

This past spring we took out a hemlock that had been planted less than 2 feet (.5 meters) from the house. You can see the big hole left behind in the Rhododendrons. I predict it won't be too many years before they leap forward to fill in this spot now.

Looking closer at the hole you can see that there's already lots of new growth popping out.

Here's a view from the front, I just love the color up near our house as it accents the pink in our stone facade. We still need to add some plantings to the right of our stoop where you can see the weeping Japanese Maple.

I'll sign off with one last shot here at these beautiful flowers. The only thing I wish is that they also had a delicious scent. It's amazing to have this much bloom and not be able to smell a thing.


Gail said...

Your Rhododendrons are wonderful, my favorite color...if we had the acid, humus soil they need I would have them everywhere!

I love that...dormant! Sellers are too much!


cindee said...

The rhododendrons are beautiful. I am cracking up over Calie and her new haircut. Does she like her hair cut? We had a dog that loved to go get her hair cut. She would just prance around all day afterwards! Calie will be more compfy this summer for sure!

Cinj said...

They are absolutely gorgeous! It's hard to imagine such wonerful looking flowers don't smell like anything. I want to get some too. My soil's plently acidic for them! I've never had a rhododendron before. Azaleas are lovely too.

Anna said...

Beautiful pics girl. I do love how your colors play off the stone. I think our stone is the same color cause my lorapedalums are looking good against my rock too. All your trimmings look nice also. That white just shines and makes it all look good.

Lola said...

Beautiful Rhododendrons. Yes, it's a shame they don't have a scent. I had some in N.C. but they didn't look anything like yours.

Meems said...

Melanie: Beautiful shrub! Really beautiful blooms - so lush and bright and cheery.
meems @Hoe&Shovel

Hermes said...

Do you know the variety in the first photo near the house ? Magnificent.

Ewa said...

Your Rhodo is great, this is so wonderful to overtake a property at least with some great plants that have certain age :)
huh, fot dormant yews - ha ha :)

Phillip said...

They are beautiful. I have killed many but I do have one that is doing nicely. I just planted another one this year, which will probably die as well. LOL

chey said...

Your rhododendrons are beautiful Melanie. I love it when they get to such a massive size. Looks like they are thriving well in the spot by your house.