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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Plant Sale, May 12th is just 6 days away!

Daylilies Galore!
Today's post will be dedicated to all the glorious daylilies that I've been potting up for the sale. With so many to chose from I could pot up another 30 or 40 varieties. My only fear is digging these beauties up, putting them in pots and then having them left over after the sale. I love them way too much to do that to them.

Hopefully I'll keep digging and all of you will keep buying! The daylily at the top of this post is 'Avante Garde', in the garden I think the color is closer to red than the photo shows but you can see the stunning pattern. One thing I promise, not many of you would find these for sale at your local garden center (certainly not here on Long Island).

Daylily 'Emperors Dragon' is a wonderful grower here, my clump is so big I could hardly lift it out of the ground!

'Chorus Line' is a favorite all over the USA. It's from renown daylily hybridizer David Kirchhoff and we'll be featuring a few more of David's marvelous creations. David was a member of the Marine Marching Band (Flute if I remember correctly) so having some of his plants is certainly appropriate.
Daylily 'Mokan Butterfly' is amazingly beautiful when combined with the lavender Astilbe behind it. Both are potted up and waiting for new homes. Be sure I also left a good sized piece right here so I can continue to enjoy this show.

'Siloam Double Classic' is the ultimate in double daylilies. Romance in a flower, this one has it all.

'Poinsettia' is much lovelier than this photo shows. A wonderful deep red with one of the best buds and branching in the garden. Since each individual bloom on a daylily only opens for one day, you want to find one that has lots and lots of blooms.

I see that there's lots more that need to be added here. I'd better get back to work!


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