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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Plant Sale May 12, 2007 is only 3 Days away!

(The bicycle is waiting to have it's photo taken.)

To be truthful, the plant sale is only 2.5 days away :-) It seems like these last few days are so chock full of things to do that this computer gets pushed way into the background.

Digging continued today although at a much slower pace. I finally got that huge clump of daylily 'Laura Harwood' out of the ground. It's such a great daylily and one of the few late bloomers that blooms in August instead of July.

(How's this for a showstopper! This is an Iris Ensata, Japanese Iris seedling and maybe I'll have time to pot a few of these babies tomorrow)

Sedum are next on my ticket. The last thing I did tonight was pop out a few jumbo Sedum telephaeum 'ruprectii'. With it's amazing blue foliage and white blooms this is one awesome Sedum!

Mom's here and the weeding has commenced. She and I are scrounging around for foxgloves (digitalis). In the past we've always had so many for sale but they looked so awful until this week that I just didn't have the heart to dig them. Corydalis are also few and far between so we'll have to wait until next year to offer those.

(This photo was taken last year but the tiny Polygonatum humile (dwarf solomon's seal) are budded up just like in this photo. I sure hope people get to see a bloom or two.)

The daylilies continue to amaze, they look so lush and green so I know that everything is just catching up in the garden.

My big advice to new perennial shoppers is go for the foliage. Perennials bloom for a shorter season than annuals but as long as you combine different types of foliage together in a border, it will continue to look beautiful. Be sure to check out my newly planted containers out by the wrought iron gazebo and you'll see what I mean about contrasting foliage.

(I don't think I've ever offered these pink evening primrose for sale. Today was the first day I noticed any growth on them. It would be nice to find enough to dig some up tomorrow)

It's almost impossible to stay away right now. Way to much to do as soon as the sun comes up so good night to all of you.

See you Saturday!


Robin said...

That Japanese Iris is gorgeous! I wouldn't be able to pass that one up.

Melanie Vassallo said...

Hi Robin,

It sure is a beauty! This year there is less foliage in that spot so it's a sure sign that it's time to dig and divide. I'm not an expert on Japanese iris but I've been told that you should never replant them in the same spot. Instead, put them in a new area that's been well ammended with compost.


Gotta Garden said...

Funny! I was about to say the same thing re gorgeous Japanese iris seedling! Alas, I just have some white and purples ones, common types but still pretty. Anyway, I really just wanted to say I've been following your sale news and think it is so wonderful that you are doing this for the kids! You and your garden are amazing!! Good luck with it!