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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Lull in Bloom

This morning's weather conditions were perfect for photographs. We had a light rain in the early hours and it's still damp and overcast. Try taking photos in these conditions instead of in full sun and you should be quite pleased with your results.

Right now my garden is going through a lull. There are so many plants filled with buds but not that much in bloom today. As I walked the neighborhood last evening I saw many stands of bearded Iris in bloom, I think I have to make an effort to increase my plantings of them.

First photo shows the buds on my Siberian Iris. I think they are so beautiful even before they open up.

The Alchemilla mollis is all beaded up with rain drops and the buds are just beginning to emerge.

The driveway Daisy is full of buds and continues to drive me crazy.

Stepping back you can see why this unknown type of Daisy drives me nuts. It keeps seeding into my driveway and never in my garden. Even when I gently move young seedlings it slips right back to the other side of the border. AAARRRGGGHHHH. Still, it's too lovely to rip out.

Digitalis are everywhere here and they are shooting skyward now. They are one of my favorite blooms in the garden and I can't wait until they are massed all over the place.

The Symphytum 'Langham's Pink' is blooming away. It's funny, the first set of leaves always are filled with little holes. After it's done blooming I cut it back hard and the new leaves are much nicer.

The white blooming Astilbe has the most lovely light green foliage and the buds are just now popping up.

Hooray, it looks like my pairing of the Dicentra (Bleeding hearts) and Amsonia is going to work just the way I hoped for.

Baptisia 'Screaming Yellow' sure lives up to its name. By the end of the week it should be just a mass of bright yellow flowers. Wish I knew how to propagate this baby.

And finally, lots of buds and lots of blooms opening too on the Geranium cantbrigense 'Karmina'. The hardy Geraniums are really starting to bloom and I will try to get more photos of them.

Sure hope this lull in bloom ends soon.


cindee said...

Everything looks healthy and happy today. I love the Siberian iris. I have plain old white ones. I would like to get different colors. They grow so tall and stately! Your stepping stones are adorable!

Gail said...

Some of your getting ready to bloom plants have bloomed out here and we are in a green state of mind...This is when I need to run around noting with camera and notepad where I need to inject more texture and color!

It's overcast here...thanks for the photo suggestions I am heading outside!


Helen said...

i love Siberian Irises too and also have bearded irises. Have you tried taking cuttings of the Baptista - not sure if it would work but you could try softwood cuttings - worth a go

Laura said...

One of my Siberian Iris opened up over the weekend; I thought it was 'Caesar's Brother' but it is a much lighter purple. I have so many of those daisies in my yard- a lot of them jumped the edging and are growing in the lawn!

Jane Marie said...

My garden is like yours, a little here and a little there. But I found in the past if I wish it to be here too soon, then it's over in a flash, and I wished the summer away.


I can't wait to see everything in bloom in your garden. It is all so lovely!

Dave said...


In your fifth picture, the one with the digitalis and the stepping stones, what is the purple leaved plant to the right? I picked up one at a plant swap and suspected it was a salvia but I'm not sure. It could be a penstemon. I'll post a picture of it later when the plant recovers from transplant shock.

Anonymous said...

I love every bit of it! So where is my puppy?
Anna--Flowergardengirl in need of a blog!