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Saturday, May 31, 2008

'All Gold'

This morning was overcast, damp and cool. Perfect weather for a garden walk-about. This one little bed in my garden is on the side of my pool and is often neglected. There shouldn't be any daylilies in this garden. The way the surrounding trees shade this bed, the daylily flowers face the sun at an angle that's almost impossible for the viewer to see. On the other hand, other perennials shine here.

In some earlier posts I've raved on about Hakonachloa 'All Gold'. Well, it's still got me raving, especially when you are in this part of the garden.

The first combination that caught my eye was this nice contrast between the Alchemilla mollis (Ladies mantle) and Sedum 'Purple Emperor'. This is the only Sedum I've never made more of, it never really thrilled me and has taken a few years to clump up. Now though I think I'm going to cut off two or three stems.

Here you can see why I'm so crazy about 'All Gold'. It is just such a fantastic combination plant. This photo shows it with Nepeta mussinii and a self sown Astrantia seedling on the left.

Just a foot away is the most beautiful blue Columbine but I almost missed it as you can see that a Salvia verticilata seedling has almost engulfed it.

Geranium cantabrigiense 'Cambridge' is just stunning as it spills over the wall. Last year somebody dug a big hole in this area and I was so afraid this lovely plant would suffer but it's come back like crazy.

Ah ha! Here you can see that this 'All gold' needs some better companions. Daylily foliage and a rock? Nope, I've got to do something here.

Ahhh, much better. How do you like this pairing of 'All Gold' with Geranium sanguinium? I love it!

Another hardy geranium. This one is Geranium 'Claridge Druce'. Ok, now who was walking through here and crunched all this foliage?

"Woof - not me! What makes you think I was in the garden?"

Calie got her summer cut this week, my family is so mad at me for doing this but her coat was so long and she would get matted every time she ran under the sprinkler. Oh well, it will grow back again.


Laura said...

Calie looks so cute with her summer cut! Hmm, I wonder who dug the hole by the Geranium????

Gail said...

Very nice coloring on the All Gold and you've paired it nicely with several plants...I do like it best with the Geranium.

Callie, is adorable who could find blame with her! It must have been some other creature! Let's blame the squirrels and chipmunks they are on my "you are in big trouble list" for digging in the beds and eating my edible bulbs...This is a first! Really never before. No nuts from last year's drought, so the bulbs are attractive. Sigh!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Melanie .. what gorgeous combinations ! and you have me wanting All Gold now too .. thanks a LOT girl .. I don't know if I can get it here. Have you seen Beni-Kaze ? .. it looks stunning for the Autumn .. turns a fantastic red .. in fact they call it red wind grass .. I want that too .. Callie is so sweet looking in that picture and you did the right thing for her .. I bet she feels GREAT ! haha

Jean said...

Isn't Old Gold such a wonderful colour?
I bought it this last week from a mail order catalogue and it arrived yesterday, hope I can place it in the right position, so I can give a lovely picture like yours.

Cinj said...

Aw, hair always grows back. That hair cut was nothing, you should have seen what I did to Peanut when she was 4 and got lice. Now THAT was a hair cut!

Silly dog. They're such lovable little lugs though, it's hard to get too mad at them. Last summer our lovely Angel ate all of MIL's tomatoes on her. I was surprised she didn't ship her to our house after that incident!

zvrk said...

I am writing down names of your geraniums and of course All Gold for my next visit to the garden centre!

Anna said...

I'm drooling and wishing. I need to remember to add some gold next year. This year I think I'm out of money--I think--well at least I'm done working and that usually means the money is done. You sure do know your plants well. I'm always wanting something you suggest.

Beth said...

Just found your blog - good stuff! I'm a Midwest gardener always looking for new ideas and plant combinations. Is the All Gold a grass? Do rabbits eat it?
I loved the geraniums - have you tried the Max Frei - it's similar to the one you show but a little deeper pink/purple.

Melanie said...

Hi All,

Just a few more notes on 'All gold'. Hakonachloa is a type of grass, around here they call it Japanese Hakone grass.

It's slow growing, not at all invasive. In fact, I wish it grew a bit faster.

I have divided the variegated variety in the past and it seems to be ok but it doesn't do much for a year or two and then it looks lovely. So, my advice with this type of grass is that you have to have some patience.

Also, although Hakone grass grows well in the shade, it grows better with some sun. I've seen it in full sun but in that kind of spot I think it loses much of it's beauty.