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Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday Bloomers

Yesterday we spend every possible moment outside working on the yard. Don spent hours pulling out all the weeds that had grown in the cracks of the pool deck here. I played with my Sedums and Sempervivums removing all the empty or sickly pots.

The furniture is set to go and we can now eat outside as a family. I think the pool will wait another week or two depending upon the weather.

Alliums abound in the garden. I am very thankful for them because it seems there is a lack of flowering material right now. While the garden is green and lush, it has paused between early spring bloom and the deluge of perennial peak season.

As the Geranium's begin to put on their show I will be out there documenting as many as possible. This is a new comer, Geranium 'Philippe Vapelle'.

Two of these stunning yellow/white azaleas have sat here in pots for 2 years now. I just can't decide to place them and really have to make a decision this year.

More Alliums, this time white. I don't save their names but this one isn't 'Ivory Queen' which is somewhere out back.

My neighbor had a plant start growing along the fence line and she left it. It has turned out to be Elaeagnus angustifolius (Russian Olive). While I wish she would trim it back so it was a bit more shapely, the scent is just heavenly!

Look what's growing out of the crack in one of my walls. How cool is this!

The Iberis (Candy tuft) is still blooming although it's lost it's compact shape and is moving into leggy territory. Then again maybe it's gotten like this because it has become Calie the Wonder-doodle's favorite hunting ground? Just after I snapped this photo a little chipmunk came racing out of the foliage near Calie's head and she didn't even realize it. Silly dog.

The Nepeta mussini is blooming away like a blue wave. I adore this plant.

Finally, another peek at one of the purple leaved Geraniums in the back shade bed. I believe this one is Geranium maculatum 'Espresso' as the leaves on 'Victor Reiter Jr.' are more finely cut.

Off to move more compost. The pile still looks the same but the garden is starting to look better.


chey said...

All of your blooms are wonderful Melanie!!Love the shots of your Alliums, and the little burgundy foliaged plant in the rock (?Heuchera).I admire how you know all of the Latin names, and will certainly strive to keep track in the future myself.I really appreciate the hint you gave last week on how to record the names digitally, and have already shared that information with some of my gardening neighbors.They appreciated it as well:).

cindee said...

So picturesque!!! I love everything. Calie looks so happy working the ground!!! LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey there Melanie .. I have the same Nepeta blooming like mad too. I'm waiting for Walkers Low .. love the Alliums .. never seem to get mine to that stage .. I think I have given up on them. Callie was just being nice and not giving the chipmonk a heart attack by chasing the poor thing ? LOL

Helen said...

I enjoyed your pictures. I have similar flowers in my garden at the moment. I know what you mean by a lull between spring and summer. There are lots of buds but they seem to be waiting for the sun to shine more

Wurzerl said...

Hi Melanie, what a alternately post!!
I love the white Allium and the dog isn' t silly its color is in partnership with the Iberis its really perfect!
Have a great week

Gail said...

melanie, the garden looks lovely and your sedum area is wonderful. I have
Espresso and love gives the garden that something special look with those G maculatum leaves and the Heuchera coloring.

I do like the white alliums...I must add them to the ever growing list!



May I please borrow your husband to pull the weeds growing in the cracks near my pool?! I had only one allium come up this year. I think the moles got them : ( Love the garden near the pool. I always enjoy photos of your yard

Melanie said...

Chey, yup, that's a Heuchera growing out of the rock wall. I think it's a 'Palace purple' seedling. Glad you liked the photo idea :-)

Cindee, Calie sure does work that ground well, her nose was all black.

Hi Joy, I keep meaning to get that Walker's Low nepeta too...someday...

Helen, it seems funny but there was so much blooming and all of a sudden it seems like "hurry up and wait".

Wurzerl, how nice to have you stop by! I think I need to come visit you as soon as I'm done typing here :-)

Gail, I love the white alliums but can't say I love their foliage which looks so ratty already. That seems to be the number one downfall to alliums.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I had some catching up to do on your recent posts.

I was actually a little late catching on to the digital craze. I didn't get my first digital camera until the end of 2004. I wish I hadn't waited so long.

Dave said...

Sounds like you were busy! Those heucheras are great, although I've never thought about growing one like that before! The catmint looks great.

Anonymous said...

Like I said--where is my wonder-doodle? I need a chipmunk ignoring dog like that. I live that heuchera? coming out of the wall. You have the most beautiful gardens girl. I want Alliums in the worst way---well maybe I want some Agapanthus more...but those big puffy blooms get me the most.