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Saturday, June 13, 2009

And the winner is...

Well how's this? I spent the last three days with the wonderful women in my local garden club. First we set up our flower show, then we exhibited in our flower show, I sold plants at our flower show and today at the end we broke down the flower show.

Talk about exhaustion!

The good news? I took home a nice amount of first place ribbons including my first ever "Growers Choice" award and the "Horticultural Excellence award" for one of my trough gardens (I entered three in the show, all three won first place in different classes).

This photo shows me at my sales booth, we should have taken it after I first set up and the booth was loaded down with plant material. The good news though was that at the end of the show I had very little plant material left!

Tomorrow we are hosting an open garden here. Cross your fingers and wish me better weather. I've been soaked through at my sales booth for three days in a row.



Gail said...

A great photo Melanie...congrats on the First Place wins and sales! gail

gittan said...

Congratulations! I do hope the weather is better today and that you'll have a great day in your open garden. I'd loved to see it IRL / gittan

our friend Ben said...

Congratulations Melanie!!! And very well deserved!!! We're hoping for a little dry sunny weather down here too!

Holly said...

Yay for you!

Chandrika said...

Congratulations Melanie !!!