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Monday, June 08, 2009

Magical Peas

Peas peas, heavenly peas. I love to eat raw peas and pea pods. Last year was the first year in many that I decided to try to grow a few vegetables. I had huge success with the peas in containers, enough so that I could munch a nice big handful each day while working in the garden.

This year I planted two varieties. Burpee Snowbird and Burpee Sugarsnap Peas. The pea you see here is the Snowbird which is just covered with blooms and pods.

See the pretty white flowers? Yesterday I stuck my nose up against them and inhaled. Yummmmm, they smelled delicious!

Now for the magic part. Here's how I grew my seeds this year. My potager is still under construction so I planted the pea seeds in large black plastic containers. I made my own pea supports with long branches I cut from my Physocarpus 'Diablo' (purple nine bark).

Take a good look here, do you see what I see? The Physocarpus has leafed out! How cool is this?

Now for the ultimate, not only did the cut Physocarpus branches leaf out, they are currently blooming. I can't tell you how happy this makes me (well, ok, I just told you ;-)

Happy happy me,


Laura said...

I'll have to admit that I've never tried growing peas- I'm going to next year!

Joanne said...

I grow my sweet peas that are left over in pots like you do with your peas.
Perhaps we should do that with our peas hey have been so slow this year to germinate Mike re namaed them Reluctant. Now they are forming pods we have to keep the dog out as she eats them and tramples the plants at the same time!

our friend Ben said...

Oh wow, Melanie! The physocarpus leafing out and blooming is beyond belief. Who'd have thought they were so easy to root?!! And I love the idea of growing peas in containers. I'd never thought of that! My yellow-podded snow peas are just now blooming, and the sugar snaps still have a way to go, so you're way ahead of me. But what fun!

Chandrika said...

I see that you made your own support for the peas with the cut branches and some kind of thread / rope. What is that? and where can I find that.
I am growing tomatoes and am thinking of supporting it this way instead of the cages...