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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I got mail!

Yesterday when I went out to the mailbox, I found a surprise. There was a small package waiting for me. I knew immediately that my shipment from Squaw Mountain Gardens had arrived.

You can see how small the package is by looking at the standard sized scissor next to it.

Now I wasn't expecting a huge package by any means, Squaw Mountain Gardens specializes in Sempervivums, Sedums and so on.

Opening the package I was in for another surprise. The box was filled with little paper bags. I had never seen plants shipped this way.

Looking inside the paper bags I found the Sempervivum (hens & chicks) that I had ordered. In all cases there was more than one plant in the bag, sometimes there were quite a few in there!

I suddenly realized that a strong gust of wind could take those bags and scatter the Semps all over the patio. It was time for action and I quickly made up a bunch of pots for those new babies.

Planting instructions were in the box and they were wonderfully clear.

I simply pressed the rosettes against the soil, I didn't bury them. This part literally took a few minutes in total. Not one little chick was allowed to escape. There's a tiny one here near the bottom lip of the pot.

Don't forget the name tags! Some of the varieties I ordered because I couldn't resist the name such as this cultivar 'Legolas'.

Apparently when I was looking at the photos on the website I must have been taken by the cobweb varieties because almost all the ones I ordered were webbed.

Here they are all potted up. I can tell you that I am absolutely thrilled with the shipment and would highly recommend this company for those of you looking for new Sempervivums for your trough gardens.



CiNdEe said...

I ordered some a couple years ago from them and they have done great! I love my semps! Yours will do great too!!!

Gail said...

Melanie...It is exciting to get a package...I just got two in the mail...very impressed by the shape the plants arrived in...The sempervivums are going to be gorgeous! gail

Joanne said...

How exciting!

I have trouble opening your blog recently so have not been able to post. I can't figure out why but it has opened through Blotanical although another post wouldn't.

Joanne said...

Sorry my mistake it wasn't your blog I was having trouble with.

Anonymous said...

Now that is awesome! Loved how you so tenderly planted them up right away. They are pretty and I got some cobweb varieties too.