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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday morning stroll

It's a misty, foggy morning here on Long Island. Perfect weather to play in the garden, that is if you like to get muddy :-) I've got my muck shoes and slicker waiting for me in the breezeway, as soon as I put this post up I'll be out there having fun.

Walking around with my camera shielded by my bright red slicker I saw many things that need to be tended to. The clumps of Sedum are already pushing forward their lovely rosettes, I have many that still have last year's dead growth on them. Must cut them back!

The crocus are about finished with their bloom. Some clumps have grown quite large and cramped. I have never read about dividing crocus but I think they need it. I'm going to try to break this clump up into three or four pieces and place them in new locations.

The primroses have started to bloom. Here's another plant that looks to me like it could be divided. I've only divided them once before, many years ago and must have done something wrong because I lost both divisions. This year I'm going to try to divide them gently now, before we get too much warm weather.

Oh no! What is it about spring with the wait, wait...Hurry Up cycle? The last gardens that I clean are the shade beds in the back of my property but the Hellebores are coming up and starting to bloom and I'd better get out there some time this week.

Ugh! There's nothing pretty about this mess in my potting area. Can't pot up new babies without fixing this spot. One of these days I'm going to have to address a ground cover as the area turns to instant mud when ever there is a rain. It's too shady for grass, a concrete is too expensive. This year it might have to be a few loads of wood chips. I sure wish we could have those darn toothpick Hemlocks removed as they are almost dead (some already are) and they just take up space.
Last shot for today. Here's a little bit of what I worked on yesterday. Found lots of pots with growth in them, they are on the bottom layer. The top of the bench has Sempervivum (hens and chicks) that I started potting up. I think working with them is my most favorite task in the garden.

Off to make some mud,


Gail said...

Hi Melanie! I love spring...even when it is rainy and muddy...I can hear that you do! Is it my imagination or has this been an especially wet spring for you? It has been very wet here!

Those little chores can eat up a lot of time...once I start dividing bulbs... one clump becomes a dozen to replant! I would love to get the ones that are dotted all around the garden into drifts...

Don't we all have 'full' potting areas! Your s looks like the work area of a very busy and productive gardener! Mine is a mess. I'ld like to find a bit of reclaimed concrete and repurpose it as stepping stones for my muddy potting area~~

Hope the week is warm and sunny in your garden~~gail

cindee said...

I enjoyed the stroll through your garden(-:
I think wood chips would work there or pea gravel would too.
I love hens and chicks also. They are a fun plant to grow. They have so many color changes through the year. Have a fun day playing in the mud!

Northern Shade said...

Your crocus did have lots of flowers. They would be noticeable from a distance. Good luck with the primrose division. It would be a shame to lose their cheery white blooms. The Helleborus are such a delightful plant. The old fall leaves always emphasize how fresh and green the new spring plants are.

Melanie said...

Gail, yes, I do love to get muddy :-)
The bulbs got divided (a bit), and my husband is out cleaning the potting area as I sit here typing this. Good thing as there's quite a bit of plants that need to be potted!

So why am I inside? shhh, it's a secret but I've been working on something at

Cindee, one of the men that I know at school also works at the town recycle center and I'm going to talk to him tomorrow about getting wood chips.

Northern shade, I'm going to try those primroses one day this week. I've had luck with other varieties so maybe I just need to time things better.